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Scrub Buds - Silk Facial Exfoliators


Scrub Buds - Silk Facial Exfoliators


About: Scrub Buds gently exfoliate dead skin cells and deep clean pores without irritating even the most sensitive skin.  Since they are woven from Silk, they are also rich in proteins and amino acids that will brighten skin tone. Scrub Buds are wonderful for all skins, and exceptional for skin that is suffering from acne and congestion or dryness and dehydration.  They can also be used on the tops of hands and cuticles.  

Ingredients: Spun Silk 

Directions: Soak one Scrub Bud for about 5 minutes in hot water.  Put one Bud on your pointer or index finger (like you did with olives when you were a kid!).  Press the Scrub Bud gently to your face, and make small circles, around and around, all over your face, eye areas, and front and back of neck, for an amazingly gentle and effective exfoliation treatment.  Periodically twist the Bud for a fresh surface.  You will see dead skin build up.  Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure and "really get in there" as they are super gentle.  Be very delicate on the cheeks as cheeks are super sensitive and do not need much exfoliation.  Scrub Buds can also be used AFTER any of our Cremes;  let the Crème sit for 5 minutes and then use a Scrub Bud…prepare to be amazed! Use 1-2x per week. Scrub Buds are a one- time use; throw away when finished. 

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