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2355 India Street
San Diego, CA, 92101
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our story

At beaute nouveau, 

Our mission is to create thoughtful and loving hand-crafted, artisan beauty products made only from ingredients derived from plants and flowers. Our products are created for women who need their products to work as hard as they do, take care of them while they take care of everyone else, and never compromise their health with synthetic, unpronounceable chemicals.

Our goal is to create simple, yet luxurious, self-care routines that deliver truly excellent results, because we understand that our clients' time is scarce and precious, and that their expectations are high.  We have designed our products to fit into the real lives of our real-life clients, and we have created unique, time-saving ways to use them.  

We always strive to create the absolute best product with the highest concentration of meaningful ingredients, and never add junk fillers or extra water to make products more profitable.  And, we never test our ingredients or finished products on animals.


From our founder, lacey haegen

In the 22 years I have been a Makeup Artist, I have NEVER ONCE had a woman sit in my chair and tell me what they love about themselves.  The conversation always begins with what “is wrong with them” and what needs to be “fixed.”  I have spent 1000’s of hours of my life helping women find that “life-changing lipstick,” the perfectly matched concealer, and the skin care routine that will “turn back the clock.”  I have seen them come back to the cosmetic counter again and again, hour after hour, hoping to find that “it” thing, that creates “beauty.” 

I created Beaute Nouveau because I want women to have simple, effective, enjoyable, self-care routines that free up their time to do productive, meaningful, wonderful things.   I want then to feel complete with simple, elegant, natural, products that they don’t have to think about.  I want to create imagery that makes them smile and feel part of a larger social fabric, not intimidated and self-conscious.

I love my clients and I see their beauty.  When they sit in my chair I do not look for flaws, all I want to do is take care of them and  be a part of their lives.  I created Beaute Nouveau so I could do just that and reach as many women as possible.  I make skin care with the same care and attention as I would if I were cooking dinner for us.  I meticulously choose the ingredients, thoughtfully craft the recipes and menu, and lovingly serve a final product that is good for you and I know you will love.  

The NAME Beaute Nouveau:  

Beaute Nouveau means New Beauty.  The name is inspired by Art Nouveau: a simple name assigned to a complicated and controversial period of time between 1890 and 1914.  It was a time when Artists were powerful and they captivated the world by challenging the status quo and influencing social change through Art. Artisans of this time romanticized Nature over Industry and illustrated Women as strong, contributing members of society (for the first time in modern history). They rebelled against over-industrialization and were known for craftsmanship, luxury, and quality.  They created a culture where “art” was valuable regardless of the medium, material, or place where it was created.  They supported each other and viewed themselves as part of a bigger social apparatus.

We hope to help create a world where

we have new definitions and expectations of "Beauty", just like the Artists of Art Nouveau created a world with new definitions and expectations of "Art." We hope that the conversation changes from what "isn't beautiful" and "needs to be fixed", to what IS beautiful and what makes us happy.