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2355 India Street
San Diego, CA, 92101
United States



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The love in our lables

Kelsey Cronkhite

As a child, our Founder Lacey, spent many afternoons hiking and wandering the fire roads and protected trails of Northern California with her cousins.  She was fascinated by all of the wild flowers and loved to pick them along the way, carefully nestle them in her backpack, and then press them between wax paper and heavy books at the end of the day.  Spending time with her Grandmother, “Tutu”, was also a favorite pastime from her childhood.  Tutu was an incredibly talented watercolor artist and Lacey would spend hours watching her paint in her art studio (after dressing up in Tutu’s fancy dresses and insane jewelry collection).     

In designing the labels, Lacey was inspired by her summer afternoons among the wildflowers and her love of Tutu’s watercolors, so she partnered with Maggie Lea of Type and Title who took the concept of “a modern interpretation of a botanical drawing + watercolors” and made absolute magic!  We feel that her stunning work on the labels, truly represents the inspiration, the brand, and the product and we are forever grateful to the genius and love she incorporated into the design.   

We are so thrilled to share our product and passion with all of you!