A Belly Laugh at My Expense + One Less Thing to Think About

Need a laugh?  Well, I am more than willing to share a hilarious and embarrassing moment to start off our holiday weekend!  

Today I went to Trader Joe's to grocery shop.  I went fully prepared, with my patience and kindness dials set to "Angel."  I was prepared to be in gratitude every second and revel in the abundance and humility of being able to shop in a wonderful store, stocked and run by wonderful people, whose hard work and dedication make my life wonderful.  

As I left, I felt full of joy and gratitude, thinking I had radiating a high vibe while out mixing with people,...and then....I made a CRITICAL ERROR...  

I had been rewarded for my grand intentions (insert sarcasm) as I arrived to park earlier, with a FRONT parking spot.  This front spot, happens to be a spot on the street, not in a parking lot, and right at where my trunk would open was the start of the walkway into the store.  So, after I finished shopping, and as I left the store, I just wheeled my burgeoning cart to the end of the walk way and stopped it about 5 feet from the curb and about 7 feet from my trunk.  The cart was facing the street, and unfortunately, it was also facing the passenger side door of a brand new Audi that had parked in the loading zone right behind my car (PSA: you're not supposed to park there).  

So, I stopped the cart, turned the wheels sideways, lodged the wheels into a groove in the cement, and did a double, triple check to make sure that it wasn't moving. I opened my trunk, took 2 bags out of the cart, and placed them in my trunk.  The cart was fine. And, then my mind says, "wouldn't that be awful if my cart rolled into that brand new car?" 

I kid you not, by the time I finished that rogue thought, that cart was on the move! Straight down the teensiest slope, right towards that car door!  I whirled around, caught the front corner of the cart, veered it towards me, narrowly missing the brand new car, knocked it straight into my hip, rolling the wheel onto my toes (and you know I was wearing flip-flops)...and....then....the entire cart fell over onto it's side and ALL of the rest of my groceries went flying across the ground, and even into the bushes! 

IN. FRONT. OF. EVERYONE. IN. LINE. At that moment I found a new reason to be grateful for a face mask - it covered up my BEAT RED FACE.  

I scurried around like a squirrel trying to pick everything up, almost dumping my purse out to boot - feeling ridiculous! After wrangling everything together and getting myself into my car I was overcome with nervous giggles that turned into full-blown belly laughs! (Again, in front of the entire line!)  😂  It all happened so fast, and it must have been hilarious!

When I finally collected myself, the full scale of that silly spectacle occurred to me. Why had my mind betrayed me and conjured up such a crazy thought! One second, I'm unloading my groceries, and the next I'm visualizing my cart smashing into another car?! I realized in that moment of utter flailing - just how MUCH is on my mind and how distracted I have been lately.  I hadn't just gone to the store to go to the store. I had self-imposed all of extra pressure to make everything copacetic and graceful, instead of just going to the store and BEING at the store and being like I normally am - kind, considerate, and patient.  And, as a result the universe was like, yeah, chill, you silly Human.  Just be yourself and slow down.

One thing at a time. We all only have so much bandwidth...and it has been stretched farther than usual lately.

I know we all have a lot on our minds and hearts lately and there is an unprecedented amount of information to sift through, and even once you sift through it, it isn't always clear as to what to do with it.

So, here is my commitment to you. One less thing to think about.  You already know that you never have to think about the ingredients in my products (because that is my job), but let's put all of our self-care on autopilot for a bit. I want you to know that you have what you need, and that the basics are enough - so your mind can rest.  

Your Facial Must-Haves are Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Milk, Flower Water, Creme Nouveau, and 1 Scrub Bud per week.  Your Body Must-Haves are Soap and Butter Balm.  Simple.  If you want to fancy it up for your face, add a Face Polish or Masque.  If you want to fancy it up for your body, add a Body Oil, or a Scrub.  Escaping in a bath? Add the Sea Salt Soak to create your own personal Ocean.  

And....., to take even more thinking off your mind - we now have AUTO-SHIP!

It's super easy! The next time you want to order a staple must-have product that you use regularly, just make sure you are logged into your account, and then go to whatever product you want to order and click the bubble for Auto Ship and choose either 30, 60, or 90 days.  (NOTE: you will be placing an order that will ship 'now' AND for either 30, 60, or 90 days).

Never run out of your favorites, and never have to remember to place your order. And, if you need to change the timing later, that is no problem!

If you can't remember how long it takes you to use a product, check out your purchase history in your account to see when you ordered it last! 

PS: I hope this made you laugh! Don't you just love Anne Traintor's humor? (those are her photos above) As always, if I can help with any product or skin care questions - I am always here to help!  Let me know if you have any questions about Auto-Ship!


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