February's Candle of the Month! "Records & Rainy Days"

My sister was born when I was almost 11 years old.  After being an only-child for that many years, I was ecstatic to finally have a sister.  Although I have hundreds of cherished memories of times together, some of my most favorite ones come from our listening to old records on rainy days.

We had this little nook in our house that used to be the front porch.  My Dad had enclosed the porch to make it part of the living room with giant windows - floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  Inside the nook there was this giant antique hutch that kept an old record player and my parent's eccentric collection of records; mostly folk music & rock n roll from the 60s and 70's.  Every time I opened the hutch doors I would revel in the musty smell of antique wood and vintage books; a nostalgic scent for me to this day.  

Growing up in Northern California there were a lot of rainy days and we absolutely loved to set ourselves up in that nook, pull out the old records, and sing and dance along to them while we watched the rain through those giant windows. 

We listened to all the classics by Artists such as Joni Mitchel, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary, Jefferson Airplane, Simon & Garfunkle, Janis Joplin, Harry Chapin, and whatever else obscure band was in the old milk crate full of records. 

I truly believe that it was the years of listening to those lyrics that compelled my in my adulthood to create a brand of skin care that stands up to the mainstream: the garbage ingredients and margin motivated marketing messages that most large scale, mainstream cosmetic brands are built on.  Take a listen to one of my favorite songs Big Yellow Taxi from Joni Mitchel; this song is so profound and explains what motivates me better than I ever could.  


February's Candle of the Month is called RECORDS & RAINY DAYS.


It is probably my favorite so far. It is a very hard scent to describe, and I know I won't be able to do it justice with words.  It's sophisticated and emotional.  It's warm and earthy.  It's rebellious and intriguing.  It's childhood and future.  It's perfect for February, for memories, and for singing along to old records on rainy days.

Candles Must Be Ordered by the 20th of the Month so that we can ship to you by the 25th and have your candle to you by the 1st! (Fingers crossed with the Post Office).

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The candles are made from Bees Wax and Coconut Oil and have 2 cotton wicks.  They burn brightly and calmly and should have a burn-time of about 25 hours.  They burn all the way out, and all the way down, and the wicks won't smoke or mushroom.  You may want to trim the wicks from time to time, but my hope is that you won't have to.  The first time you burn it, light it for at least 3 - 4 hours because candles have a "memory." (Instructions for How to Get the Best Burn are included with every candle).

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