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About 15 years ago, I attended my Grandfather's funeral in Palm Springs, California.  Palm Springs is a place where a lot of Hollywood Stars and Starlets of the 1920's - 1940's retired, because it is pretty fabulous and close to Los Angeles.  

At the gathering after the ceremony, I met a woman who had been an actual famous Hollywood Starlet...and let me tell you...even in her late 80's she was STRIKING.  I don't remember her name, but I imagine in her youth she looked exactly like the picture below; like Jean Harlow or Mae West or Marilyn Monroe. 

What I found so remarkable was that her skin was perfection.  There was no loss of elasticity, the skin was still quite snug on the facial bones and neck, no pigmentation, no visible pores, and her eyes were bright and full of was like she was still 20, but with a little less moisture and plumpness in her skin.   It seemed that the only real giveaway of "age" was slight, but barely visible dehydration.  REMARKABLE at her age! (And very encouraging to a young woman who had yet to fall down the rabbit hole of chemicals in cosmetics).

She was a living example of the Fountain of Youth and I was thrilled to know it is possible to age so gracefully! The hopes and promises of skin-CARE might be real!

Beaute Nouveau Image of Hollywood Starlet

And then, I noticed her hair.  

It was almost all gone.  Instantly I thought, "my goodness, if it's not one thing its another. She kept her skin intact and ageless, yet her hair betrayed her." Granted, I will admit, that was a very childish and immature thought in my brain at the time, but it also made me consider hair-CARE in a different way. 

The timing of this realization was quite remarkable as well because during this time, I worked for Neiman Marcus, and that very next week we had a training with a hair care line we carried in the store.  I had NO idea about hair care.  I have no talents with hair.  Brushing my hair is sometimes more than I have the patience for. Seriously, I am like a kindergartner when it comes to my hair.  I like it long, soft, wild, and have no idea how to do anything with it - and I certainly hadn't been informed on how to  "care" for it at the time.

So, given what I had just seen in Palm Springs, this training blew my mind.  The training was all about how actual hair-CARE is really about caring for the scalp, follicles, and hair bulbs. The Trainer taught us that hair follicles are connected to a blood vessel or vein that feeds nutrients into the spongy tissue inside of them.  The hair "bulb" sits inside that spongy tissue and draws the nutrients it needs to grow from there. The more hydrated and alive the spongy tissue is, the more nutrients are able to be delivered to the growth and maintenance of the hair.  As an analogy, think of the follicle as a uterus, the hair bulb as a placenta, and the hair strand as the baby!  

Even though the actual hair strand is dead keratin, how long, thick, and smooth hair is, depends on the health of the follicles and the density and hydration of the spongy tissue.  As we age, the spongy tissue in the hair follicles gets drier and less dense (like a dried out sponge), so not only does the nutrient transfer slow down, there is looser hold on the hair bulb, which makes it easier to fall out!

Beaute Nouveau Image of diagram of hair follicle

I am sure there is a lot more to the biology than that, but the point is, hair follicles are alive and need nutrients. They also need - to not be - constantly bombarded by chemicals and clogged up with plastic.  We have got to protect that spongy tissue!  

Mainstream hair products are mostly focused what hair looks and feels like - not scalp health. Scalp Health is NOT sexy. The only mainstream scalp product sold is Head n' Shoulders #LeastSexiestHairCareEver and that is focused on fixing dandruff, not increasing follicle health. Mainstream hair products are also made from the same ingredients as mainstream skin care products and offer very little in nutrition. They are also full of detergents and "foaming agents" that can stress skin and scalp.  

If you've already embarked on trying to replace your mainstream hair products with more natural options, most likely you've found that they fall flat...literally, hair is often weighed down and kindof' always looks a little dirty. And, salon quality looks? Not so much.

So, for the past few years, when clients ask me "what do I do for 'clean' hair care?" my advice has also fallen flat. #PunIntended.


My dear friend, and Founder of Modern Minerals (the Foundation we carry on the website) and MO MI Beauty, Diane Read, has been working on creating the cleanest, most effective, and nutrient rich Hair-CARE, available! And, NOT ONLY are these products actual Hair-CARE, they allow for salon style.  #Truth.

And, once I recognized how incredible these hair care products are, it was an obvious, no-brainer to offer the Full Mo Mi Beauty Hair Care Collection on our website like we do the clean makeup options!

I am so excited for you to try these amazing Hair-CARE products and also support another wonderful Woman Owned Company and Clean Beauty Visionary. 

I want you to know that these are NOT YOUR AVERAGE PRODUCTS.  They check the boxes of types of products we are used to, ie: Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Leave-In-Conditioner, Texture Mist, and Hydrating Mist; but HOW they are best used can be a little bit of an adjustment.  

For instance, the Shampoo - called "CO-WASH" is like the Creme Nouveau of Hair-Care! Remember the first time you used Creme Nouveau? It was change from scooping out a glob of moisturizer and slopping it on. With the Creme Nouveau, you have to scoop out a tiny pearl size, warm it between your hands, and gently press your hands to your face to transfer the Creme. Then gently massage. Its the same idea with the "CO-Wash" (short for "Conditioning-Wash"). It is a cream based cleanser for hair.  It removes dirt and build-up without stripping natural oils.  

On each product, I have written a section called "NOTES FROM LACEY" to share my personal experience and my learning curve in using these exceptional products so that you can get the most out of using them yourself! {Also, if you suffer from psoriais on the scalp, please read the notes on the Hydrating and Texture Mists and consider the Co-Wash as soon as possible.}

The Full Collection

These products are available on our website under the SHOP > Hair Care by Mo Mi Beauty.

Beaute Nouveau Image of Mo Mi Beauty Hair Care Products

I hope these Hair-Care products provide the clean hair answers we are all looking for!  I assure you, these ARE the cleanest and most effective hair-CARE products I have ever found and I have invested in them because I know you will love them.

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