#ConnectionOverCommerce - a New Idea to Support Small Businesses


Well, how is everybody doing?  How are you staying optimistic, connected, and grounded? I am doing my best to stay in a place of positivity!  I am staying in a place of gratitude.  I am tremendously grateful to all of you for being a part of my world, because you motivate me to get up every day and continue to work on projects that I hope will bring us joy!

For a little JOY SNEAK PEEK, I am working on some really fun new products and a new scent collection (that is going to knock your socks off) and nothing is going to stop me! I am not quite sure the exact launch dates at the moment, but I promise there is some new goodness on its way! I am also trying to improve the website in tons of new little ways, and also working on an auto-ship program so you won't ever get down to the last drop of your favorite products every again! (More to come soon).

If often refer to Beaute Nouveau as my "art project for my soul."  This creative journey has been extremely personal to me.  I started Beaute Nouveau because I wanted to make chemical free, amazing skin care. I also wanted to provide high-wage jobs with flexible schedules for Women (so they could pick their kids up from school and go to school themselves), and create a work environment where Women felt empowered, valued, and respected.  (All things I wished for when I worked in corporate cosmetics).  Beaute Nouveau has never just been about "business," it has always been about facilitating Women Empowerment through excellent product and community.  And you know what? This social situation we are in is literally putting creating a powerful connection in this community on the top of the priority list! 

Even though we are in some uncharted times, and it's easy to go into fear-mode, I am finding it really fun to think about "business."  I love to put my thinking cap on and come up with new ideas of how to keep the business going in new and creative ways! Sometimes, you just have to put on a different pair of glasses and see something differently! Maybe I was missing something before that now I can see! 

Yesterday, I was on a Zoom call (it's like Facetime, but with as many people as you want) with about 10 other Female Small Business Owners and it was an incredible experience.

We were from all different types of businesses and we showed up to simply to support each other and share ideas of what to do right now.  What I found to be so amazing that despite the fear, unknowns, and shut-downs, most of the conversation was centered around the question of "how can I continue to support my clients who I love and appreciate so much?" And, "how can I support my fellow business owners?" And, "how can I support my employees?" The question was not, "what about me?" And everyone was so engaged and open to sharing new ideas with each other - for each other!

THIS display of selflessness, love for community, leadership within adversity is why I love small business and the incredible people who run them!

Many small business owners I know, regularly use a hashtag on instagram called #CollaborationOverCompetition to show our commitment to supporting each other by collaborating with each other, not competing against each other because we know we are stronger together there is plenty for all of us.  

Yesterday, we came up with a new hashtag that we are all going to start using to support each other and keep us all in the positive flow.  I am asking that you share this # with the Small Business Owners that you know and love.  Please ask them to join us in supporting each other and tag their posts and stories with this # so we can all find each other.  Sometimes the best way to help support each other is to just be aware that there are more people cheering them on - even people they don't know.




Supporting small businesses financially, is of course, necessary and please don't stop doing that if you are able, but sharing this # is another way to support connection and share about how small businesses care so much about the community and the customers they serve!

If you don't have a business yourself, please follow the hashtag #connectionovercommerce on Instagram and check it daily to see who else is using it (and like and comment on their posts!).  You will begin to find a web of other businesses you will be so excited to find! Every time you hit that like button, its like letting out a cheer!

Just go to the little magnifying glass at the bottom of your Instagram page and search #connectionovercommerce

Thank you, you wonderful, darling, wonderful people!


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