Donating to the San Diego Food Bank with Pre-Orders of Creme Nouveau


We have never run out of products before, and if we ran out of something, it was only temporary and we just made more. I have definitely taken it for granted what would happen if we just couldn't make more products for some reason.  

Well, for the first time in almost 10 years, we have run out of Creme Nouveau and the response has jump started my heart.  The number of emails telling me you "just can't run out!" and asking where you could find a jar, when it will be available again, and the number of people who have signed up to get a back-in-stock notification has left my jaw on the ground.  

So, next week I am going to get back in that kitchen (after I scrub the crap outta' the place) and make Creme Nouveau. 

If you want a jar of Creme Nouveau for yourself, or maybe for your Mom for Mothers Day (which is in 3 weeks btw - did I mention we gift wrap?), I am asking you to PRE-ORDER NOW!

I want to make sure I make enough jars, and I also want to pay your kindness and sweet words forward. Right now our Food Banks are working around the clock to provide for our communities and I am hoping that we can come together and support their efforts. 

So, for every jar of Creme Nouveau that is pre-ordered between today (now) and the end of Wednesday 4/22/20, we will be donating $25 to the San Diego Food Bank.  Mission Federal Credit Union is matching donations right now too - so this is the perfect time to align with this mission!

Even if you don't live in San Diego, your contribution will be so appreciated by a long-distance neighbor. For more information about the Food Bank, click here.


Don't you love that we are all looking at things we may have not have previously given much thought to?  Don't you love how we are re-ranking our priorities and labeling so many things, people, and ideas as ESSENTIAL? Like a hug.  Like time with our families, over busy-ness.  Like people who work in our Grocery Stores, our Delivery Drivers, our restaurants. And finally, our Teachers, Nurses, Paramedics, Doctors, Researchers, Scientists are being celebrated as heroes they are. It is truly profound to think about how many people are out there doing things that are ESSENTIAL to to serving the basic needs in our lives.

I celebrate and appreciate those people so much.  And, there are the people, places, and things, that aren't necessarily essential, but when we can't have them we realize how much we love them and miss them, and want them because they enrich our lives.  Like the local Boutiques, our Hair Stylist (see below for the funniest meme I have ever seen in my life), the Local Makers, Coffee Shops, Movie Theaters, Friday Happy Hours with friends.  

Your overwhelming response to us being sold out of Creme Nouveau has really moved me, and made me realize that Beaute Nouveau might be one of those things you miss if it isn't available. It is an absolute honor to be considered one of the things (and maybe people) who enrich your life.  FULL DISCLOSURE: I have always had great insecurity around believing that people actually like the products that I make. In the beginning, so many people said to me, "why would you want to create a-NOTHER beauty line? There are so many out there - why do you think YOU would make it? Why do you think people would want yours? It is such a 'saturated market' and so competitive, you'll never make it. People already have 'their' brands."  It was like there was some secret script of discouragement out there that everyone was quoting and it made me feel like I started out in a big hole.  

When I launched Creme Nouveau so many people said, "no one will buy it."  They said it was too expensive, that no one knew me so they wouldn't trust me, and how would they know if it would 'work."  After working as a Makeup Artist for 20 years, and for Chanel in particular, and selling hundreds of jars of their $485 cream that was full of plastic and fragrance, and created by scientists in a laboratory, and positioned as "luxury" by a well-funded media campaign - it was so hard for me to believe that a jar --- full of 100% pure botanical ingredients, essential oils, and hand-made by a Makeup Artist who had touched 1000's of women's faces, and listened intently to everything they had shared about themselves, and had created the product they had been asking for --- wouldn't be wanted or worth $86. Then when it started selling, so many people said it wouldn't keep selling.  

Even though I knew Creme Nouveau was better than anything sold in a department store - at any price - with every jar that sold, I braced myself for an unhappy customer. Whenever someone said they "loved" it - my response was "realllly? You dooooooo?"  In all honesty, that is still my response, I have just learned to keep it in my head and say out loud "thank you, I am so happy you love it!"

When I made Creme Nouveau, I crafted it like a Chef cooking for a Michelin Star.  I didn't care what the cost of anything was - I just wanted it to be the absolute best it could be. I chose the best ingredients I could find and I put as many of them in the recipe as I could.  I've never changed that and now some of the ingredients are even better.  This is actually how I have made every product. I've never made a product based on margins or profitability; my intention is always to make the best of the best - because that is what we all want and deserve.  

I'm sharing this story to illustrate that there is always the opportunity to persevere.  Even amidst negativity, fear, and the unknown. We can always set our sights on something and go for it! We can do our best and trust that whatever we are working on means something. Just keep doing what you do, and being who you are, and put one little foot in front of the other.  If there is something that this pocket of time has inspired you to pursue, I wholeheartedly encourage you to start and don't let anybody or any voice inside your head stop you.  I know I say this a lot, but truly, I am so grateful to all of your for being on this journey with me and for sharing your love for Beaute Nouveau.  Thank you for loving Creme Nouveau, and thank you for helping support the San Diego Food Bank.

Keep your vibration high, your faith strong, your love large, your laughter boisterous, and your light bright.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and I have a feeling we will come out on the other end of this in quite remarkable and unprecedented ways.    

PS: if you think this might be helpful for someone you know - forward it it along! Or share to your social media feed. xoxo

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