For the Love of Poetic Slumber - Introducing our NEW Satin Pillow Cases!

Ever since I can remember, I have fallen asleep the second my head hits the pillow.  Seriously, I am asleep within SECONDS.  

When I was little, it just me and my Mom.  I don't know how she did everything she did.  Even when money was tight, and fancy bedding was a huge luxury, she always made sure that I had the prettiest and snuggliest of beds.  I could count on crawling into a clean bed, with tight sheets, a lovely pillow, and a fluffy down comforter - and fall asleep immediately.

So, needless to say, I still relish in a fabulously snuggly bed.  As an adult, there is one more piece of bedding that I refuse to live without.  A fancy pillowcase just for me.  It isn't part of my sheet set, and my husband doesn't get's mine.  It's for my hair, and my skin, and it's just an extra jewel in my life.   

There are a few things that I believe every grown woman should have:  a really nice pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors just for cutting ribbon, and a silk or satin pillow case.  Satin and silk pillow cases keep your hair from getting as tangled, they are much more gentle on your skin, and life is short - treat yourself to a fancy pillowcase.

With all that we have endured lately, and all of the worry we have absorbed, I feel that it is more important than ever to prepare ourselves for the best rest in every way we can.   

I have been looking for some lovely pillowcases to share with you for a long time, and I finally found them!

I am so pleased to introduce our new Poly Satin Pillow Cases that are absolutely gorgeous, soft as butter, and hand-sewn in Oakland, California by my new friend David and his crew at Poetic Pillow!  Not only do I love these pillow cases, I LOVE supporting a small business of hand-makers!

There are two prints to choose from: Pink Rose and White Floral Vine.  
Quantities are limited because they are hand-sewn. 

The greatest thing about these, is you throw them in the washer and either hang them to dry or tumble on low. They aren't like that blouse in your closet that never gets washed or taken to the dry cleaner that mocks you every time you find it in the corner, unwashed, and unwearable (I have 2 of those in my closet right now). Silk pillow cases are amazing too, but require hand washing and extra care.   

And, if you REALLY want to up your Lady Adulting, there are matching SLEEP MASKS!  Now, I know you are probably thinking - THAT is over the top and "I would never wear one of those," but allow me to propose another couple of uses...

First, they are essential for naps.  LOL - who has time for a nap?! But seriously, could we all take some naps? I would like a nap.  Second, I find a sleep mask ESSENTIAL for meditating (or trying to - I'm not very good at keeping my eyes closed or 'quieting' my mind) - hence a sleep mask. 

Finally, you know those days when you just can't look at the dishes, your mate, or your kids for one more minute and you just need some peace? Find a hideaway and put your sleep mask on. I PROMISE you they will leave you alone - even if they find where you have stashed yourself - because they will think you have lost your mind and retreat quietly.  😂😂😂

Must have? I think so.

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