Goldilocks & the Three Cremes? Which Face Cream is best for ME?

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Remember how Goldilocks found the perfect bowl of porridge?  One was too hot, one was too cold, and one was juuuuuuust right?!  I love using this old fable to explain how to choose the Creme that is juuuuuust right for you!   We have three different Cremes to choose from - so how do you know which one to pick? And, are you using the best one for you? We've found that for most of our clients, one Creme is juuuuuuust right. For instance, for me, Lacey, Creme Florette is too light, Creme Phylisse is just not quite enough, and Creme Nouveau is juuuuuuuust right!

So, which one is juuuuuust right for you?

Creme Nouveau - Botanical Creme for Delicate Skin

To take the Goldilocks reference even farther, Creme Nouveau is the "Papa Bear"; it is the most balmy, rich, and has the most ingredients.  This Creme is ideal for anyone in the Blooming or In Full Bloom Skin Categories and is exceptional for skin that tends to feel dry or tight or itchy after washing it.  Creme Nouveau packs the biggest punch for what we call, "Preserv-Aging." Creme Nouveau is also a fantastic eye cream for everyone.  Although Creme Nouveau is rich, it will not cause breakouts.  In fact, it contains MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane. This sounds like a scary word, but it is really a natural Sulphur that the skin needs to function properly...and it helps to dissolve buildup in pores.  (Just a fun FYI is that we donate $10 from each jar sold to support Becky's House in San Diego.


image of creme nouveau

Creme Florette - Goat milk and aloe creme with pomegranate seed oil and rose absolue

Creme Florette is the Baby Bear of the bunch: the lightest weight and more consistent with a lotion texture. This Creme is ideal for anyone in the Blossoming Skin Category, or for anyone who prefers a lighter texture in the daytime.  

Creme Florette is technically for our "smallest flowers" or our younger ladies.  It is sort of the 'starter creme' if you will.  (I hope that one day it will replace the Mineral Oil Rich "yellow lotion" many young girls often start on for skin care).  

This Creme is lightweight, yet very nourishing.  It also has Pomegranate Seed oil and Allantoin.  Pomegranate Seed oil has a natural phytoestrogen that helps regulate cellular hormones - so if skin is having issues with hormonal breakouts many of us often struggle with during our 'formative years' - Creme Florette is wonderful.  Allantoin is a derivative of the Comfrey plant and is exceptional for healing quickly.  So, if skin is breaking out, Allantoin helps to heal the breakouts much faster, more evenly, and with less scaring.  

And because, I believe that even the youngest of our ladies deserves the best of the best, and are worth the investment, Creme Florette has Rose Absolue -  one of the most rare and expensive essential oils. Rose Absolue is richly concentrated in pure Vitamin C: a potent anti-oxidant to protect young skin.  

image of creme florette in a bottle


And, last but not least....Creme Phylisse!  

Creme Phylisse has a very special place in my heart because it is named for, and after, a Woman and client named Phyliss. 

I had the pleasure of doing Phyliss' makeup for her wedding about ten years ago.  Phyliss was in her 60's at the time (which you would never know) and had been through a LOT.  In the years leading up to her wedding, she had been through multiple very emotional and difficult tragedies.  As a result of the prolonged and intense stress, her body had become very 'Sensi-TIZED" and she had developed severe allergies and most every skin care product she tried, made her skin burn.  

She had also developed a rare form of rosacea that manifested on the inside of her eyelids, making every blink of her eyes painful.  To make matters worse, in the middle of the night, Phyliss had thought she was reaching for her eyedrops to find some relief from the burning in her eyes, but had mistakenly grabbed a dropper bottle of Lavender Essential Oil.  The pain from dropping the lavender essential oil into her eye was excruciating and exacerbating the sensitivity of her skin even more.  

I was devastated for her when she recounted this to me. The worst part was she couldn't find any product that would help soothe the pain, tightness, dryness, and itchiness that her skin was feeling.  Everything she put on burned.  So, I invited her into my workshop and muscle tested her with every ingredient I had, to find out what ingredients she could tolerate. *Muscle testing is an ancient tradition of determining allergies or tolerance that is pretty mind blowing.

At the end of our muscle testing, I had a list of ingredients that her body wouldn't reject and I set about to make a cream for her. It worked!  She used it and not only did it not burn, it also soothed the burn.  At that point, I realized that there must be other Women who need a cream with minimal ingredients, strictly for soothing skin during a sensi-TIZED state.  

This experience is also the realization of our skin category called "Sensi-TIZED." We are all sensi-TIVE, but we are not all Sensi-TIZED.  

So, Creme Phylisse is ideal for anyone experiencing extreme stress or tragedy, going through aggressive medical treatments such as chemotherapy, or anything that drastically heightens anxiety or elevates prolongs fight or flight. Creme Phylisse can also be enjoyed by anyone who finds Creme Nouveau to be a bit too much, and/or Creme Florette to be a bit not enough.  

So, Creme Nouveau = Papa Bear. Creme Phylisse = Mama Bear. And, Creme Florette = Baby Bear.  

Creme Nouveau = Blooming and In-Full-Bloom and is the most rich, most impactful for "preserv-aging" and has the most ingredients. 

Creme Phylisse = Sensitized and/or Suffering and is the medium richness, and is for soothing and calming, with many less ingredients than Creme Nouveau.  

Creme Florette = Blossoming and is the lightest, and is for our younger ladies or those who like a lighter texture, and especially for tampering and healing breakouts.  

If you haven't recieved a copy of our new Skin Type Booklet - download your FREE COPY HERE.

Which Creme is juuuuuust right for you? I'd love to know! Comment below!  Please feel free to share with your friends! And, if I can help with any product or skin care questions - I am always here to help!



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