Hand-Sanitizer + Immune Boosting Tips + My Chicken Soup Recipe

flat lay of Slim Tonique Sea Salt Soak & Body Oil Concentrate laying among some flowers

Today I am just going to pretend that we are experiencing a typical cold and flu season as we do every winter, with the caveat that this year the flu is really, really bad.  (I am not trying to minimize anything, just trying keep my sanity 🤪). 

So, as I would in any cold and flu season I would like to share some good ol' fashioned ways to take care of yourself during cold & flu season.  

First, STAY WARM! Most importantly, don't let your feet get cold. Viruses thrive in cold temperatures (hence why they happen in the winter) and cold feet can lower your immune system. My Dad also says to keep your feet up whenever you can. When your feet are UP, your body instinctively thinks it can rest and relax. When your feet are on the ground your body is "ready to go." When the body is resting, it reserves energy, and when it is ready to go, it expends energy.  So, lots of hot tea, soup, hot baths, cozy socks, snuggly sweaters, and favorite blankets on the couch. 

If you are looking to UP your bath game, add the Slim Tonique Sea Salt Soak when you get in, and then 2 pumps of the Slim Tonique Body Oil Concentrate a few minutes before you get out. The Slim Tonique Collection helps to stimulate the movement of Lymphatic Fluid and warm you up.  "Slim Tonique" refers to my Proprietary Essential Oil Blend that is every product in the collection: a mixture of Black Pepper, Bay Laurel, Citronella, Geranium, Grapefruit, and Sweet Fennel.  If you haven't tried the Slim Tonique line, now would be a great time! PS: this summer I'll tell you how to take a cold bath in hot water! Its a trip and super cool (#nopunintended). And if your hands are super dry right now from all of the hand-washing, don't forget our Body Creams are wonderful on the hands! (We are out of the Hand Balms ☹️)

During the Black Plague some families put onions (sliced open) around their houses to absorb the virus (well, it was known as an evil spirit in those days.).  It has been said that those onion warding families were not affected.  Now, I realize there is no scientific backing on onions helping fight the flu - but I've got a few laying around the house (no harm in adding a little lore to my life 😉)

IF you are looking for a little more than lore, and would like a natural hand-sanitizer option I have one for you.  I am not making it, but...

I have partnered with my Mom, Holly, owner of Black Rabbit Trading Company in Northern California - to bring you "Cloud of Protection" by Nieves.  My Mom has been carrying this product in her stores for years and it has been a staple in my house for years as well.  It is a gorgeously aromatic room spray and refresher, and it is made with a Neutral Grape Spirits (which is a 65% alcohol) and a blend of anti-microbial essential oils, which makes it a natural hand-sanitizer.  

My Mom was able to purchase a large quantity of bottles from the maker, and I asked her if I could offer it to all of you as well (obviously she said yes!).  So, for a limited time (like over the weekend) I have the 4oz size of Cloud of Protection privately listed on my website - either click this link or search "Cloud of Protection" in the search bar to find it.  Please read all about it and ask me any questions.   NOTE: orders will begin to ship out after the first week of April as the bottles will ship to me, to send to you, on Tuesday 3/31/20. 

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