Clean Beauty + Healing Baby? Healing Baby Eczema with our ReLEAF Balm

The response from last week's email about Clean Beauty + Baby has really blown me away.  I appreciate all of you so much; your devotion to your families, your questions, and your willingness to trust me and Beaute Nouveau with your very precious loved ones.  

One story in particular has to be shared, because it will undoubtedly help someone else.  

Right after the email went out last week, Lizzie reached out to me via Instagram and said "my jaw dropped when I ready your email because I was actually in the process of searching amazon for "baby eczema cream." 

She placed an order for the ReLeaf Balm and the Unscented Body Cream with Magnesium Sulfate & Allantoin.  I rushed into the workshop to pack the order and ship it out before the 2:00 Saturday mail cutoff so it would arrive as soon as possible.

On Tuesday night, Lizzie messaged me again and said, "OMG Lacey. In 24 hours his spots are almost GONE.  And I was previously treating him religiously with other products with little result. Wow. Just wow."  

She then added, "I should add that 24 hours after the cream arrived, I asked my Husband to put it on my baby's arm.  He almost put it on the wrong arm because the spot was so faded, he couldn't tell with arm he was supposed to put it on!"  

Lizzie very kindly sent before and after photos and gave permission to share...I don't know about you, but I think this is healing is pretty spectacular....  

Now, I would be lying if I told you this didn't bring tears to my eyes.  Isn't this AMAZING!!!???? Thank you so much Lizzie for sharing!!!

I will never forget the day I made ReLeaf Balm for the first time.  I had reached my breaking point watching my Husband deal with the constant itch and pain of psoriasis.  So, I marched down to my workshop, pulled out my research binder that had a page on every oil and ingredient I had in my arsenal (full disclosure I am a botanical oil hoarder), and highlighted every ingredient that said "known to help heal eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions."

After making the full list of ingredients "known to help," I put them all together on the counter. I took out my Creme Nouveau recipe and substituted the oils and extracts that are in that recipe for the ones I had just pulled together.  (The oils and extracts that are in Creme Nouveau are "known to help with dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and aging).  

My goal was to put ALL of those ingredients into one jar. All I wanted was the most super-charged, power-packed, potion I could make.  I didn't care what what it smelled like or felt like - if it turn out smelling like fish - I did not care. 

Fortunately, as Nature is so wise, the scent ended up being a bit citrusy, with some herbaceousness, and an underlying resinous-ness (we'll just pretend that's a word). To me, if "healing" had a smell - it would smell like ReLeaf Balm.  But, that could be like Pavlov and the dog with the bell! Lol.  The texture ended up just a little softer than Creme Nouveau and a little more rich.

When I was finished, I marched back upstairs, and demanded that Josh "put this on" and "keep putting it on."  He was the best test subject and complied.  And, over the next few weeks, he saw significant healing, which was super encouraging. Please keep in mind that psoriasis is much angrier than eczema and requires long-term consistent application, and much more patience in healing, but ReLeaf Balm helps considerably.  

As much as I love ReLeaf Balm, it is the one product that makes me so sad to have to make - because I know when someone needs it, it is because they are suffering in some way.  

However, knowing that it actually helps, is the most inspiring gift there is. I know I made ReLeaf Balm for a profound reason that is way bigger than me, and I hope that one day, a jar of ReLeaf Balm is what we reach for when skin that suffers from anything from a minor cut, scrape, itch, burn, or bug bite, to eczema, psoriasis, or other skin condition, and that it replaces every tube of neosporin, polysporin, vaseline, A & D, itch cream, steroid cream, etc. in our medicine cabinets.

One last thing I want to share, is that ReLeaf Balm is incredibly healing and helps with the pain of Radiation burns during cancer treatment.  My dear friend, Kate, used it each time after  radiation exposure and did not have any burn scars at the end of the journey.  It also soothed the pain of the burn after each exposure (it's like a sunburn X a million). (She did get her Oncologist to approve the ingredients before she used it - which is very important).

If you, or anyone you know, is going through, or has to go through radiation treatments, please reach out to me for a 50% off coupon code.  *Please have the Oncologist approve the ingredients prior to use.  

I know that my emails to you are long - I just have so much to tell you!  Thank you so much for reading them and passing them along when you feel like it might help someone else.  

Did you know we have a full INGREDIENTS DICTIONARY?  We do! If you want to learn the basics about any of our ingredients - click on the "Our Ingredients" link in the main menu. The ingredients are listed by Botanical ExtractsEssential OilsFruits, Flowers, & LeavesOils, Butters, & Bees Wax, and Salts, Clays, & Milks.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or if I can help in anyway.

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