It's HERE! October's Candle of the Month! "Autumn Bouquet"

Front facing image of our first candle of the month - Autumn Bouquet
Introducing our FIRST Candle of the Month!

autumn bouquet - the title of our new candle of the month

Fall - or Autumn - is truly my favorite season.  When the air turns crisp, the leaves start to turn shades of golden amber, and we are on the brink of the holiday season, I feel my most inspired.  I love to roast vegetables in my iron skillets, and adorn recipes with extra special ingredients like persimmons!  I love sweaters, snuggling with my kitties, and I absolutely love my house to smell like something super special is baking (but not too sweet).

This month's candle is a celebration of Autumn!  The scent is slightly sweet, rich, and complicated with notes of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil specially imported from an incredible distiller in England, and a touch of Honey, Tonka Bean, and Pumpkin Mousse (see below for my Pumpkin Mousse Recipe - a modern interpretation of pumpkin pie!)  This scent is oh so delicious, but not too sweet, and extra special with the Ylang Ylang.  

The candles are made from Bees Wax and Coconut Oil with double cotton wicks.  Did you know that Bees Wax emits negative ions when it is burned, which helps to neutralize air pollution?!  And, Bee Keepers say that it naturally elevates moods!  They burn brightly and calmly and should have a burn-time of about 25 hours.  They burn all the way out, and all the way down, and the wicks won't smoke or mushroom.  You may want to trim the wicks from time to time, but my hope is that you won't have to.  The first time you burn it, light it for at least 3 - 4 hours because candles have a "memory."  (There's instructions for How to Get the Best Burn on the website and included with each candle). 


1. Either sign up for the monthly club membership by choosing Auto-Ship instead of "Add to Cart", OR if you just want October's Candle, just "Add to Cart."  

2. Orders must be placed by the 20th! Don't wait - first come, first served and quantities are limited!


1. However many candles you order - you get priority!  Candle availability will be limited and club members are guaranteed to get their candles.

2. You won't miss out on getting your candles and you won't have to remember to place your order!

3. FREE SHIPPING on your candle orders!

4. NO pressure here! If you join the monthly club via auto-ship, but in the future you decide you don't want to be your monthly candle, or you just want to order a candle every now and then, you can opt-out at any time! 

5. If you are club member and want to increase your order to give gifts for holiday, we will make sure you get your gifts! 

6. HUGE BONUS! My incredible friend, and Meditation Guru, Jen Dial, is creating Seasonal Fire Meditations that will be available via digital download for all Club Members.  A Fire Meditation is a dynamic, guided meditation that you listen to while watching the flame of your candle.  Each recording will be in alignment with the changes of the seasons to support how we change with the seasons as well.  NOT to be missed!

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A modern interpretation of pumpkin pie - title bannerIngredients list - recipe card for Pumpkin Moussedirection for making pumpkin mousse - recipe card

If you have any questions about the Candle of the Month Club, just comment below or reach out via email at - we are happy to help! If you make this recipe - we would love to know!

xoxo Lacey


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