Lacey's Face-Care - MORNING Part 2: Out of the Shower

morning out of the shower



Flower Water

 Just like in the evening, I again DOUSE myself in Flower Water (I count out 7-8 spritzes). Then, I immediately "trap" the Flower Water with Creme Nouveau.


creme nouveau

I know this sounds dramatic - but if I had to go through an entire day without Creme Nouveau, my face would hurt.  Similarly to the evening routine, I scoop out about a pearl size of the Creme, place it on my palm, rub my palms together to emulsify it into a buttery-oil texture, and then press my hands to my face and neck to transfer the Creme to my face. Then, I gently massage it in.  

I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes while I do other things, and then I take the flat side of a Dry Cotton Pad and wipe my face.  This is a GAME CHANGER! (I think Vons/Safeway has the best cotton pads).

Doing this removes any excess Creme, and it is UHMAZING how much dead skin comes off too!

This step seems silly, but it is actually a fantastic way to gently exfoliate every day AND makes your makeup look so much smoother, so much longer.



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