Lacey's Face-Care Routine - EVENING

I’m not a huge fan of washing my face at night. BUT, I do value taking the day - off, and a nourished night sleep.

So, I use the Cleansing Oil at night. I pump 4-5 pumps of the Oil onto my fingertips, rub the oil between my hands, and then massage the oil all over my face and eyes for about a minute.

To remove everything, I wet 4 cotton pads and then squeeze them out. I hold 1 cotton pad in each hand, and go in for wipe-down #1. The cotton fibers pick up the makeup, dirt, and dead skin. When those cotton pads have had enough, I repeat with wipe-down #2 with the remaining 2 pads. Throw the cotton pads away.

For me, that is enough PM cleansing (because of my AM cleansing routine).

1 DOUSE myself in Flower Water after Cleansing Oil. I count to EIGHT sprays before I stop.

Flower Water is ESSENTIAL to me - first, because if what it IS, and second, because of my next two steps.

First, it is Water hydration, plus 72 Liquid Trace Minerals. We do not add any water to Creme Nouveau (because that goes against our value of giving you the most concentrated = highest value products, so Flower Water is the vital water hydration skin needs.

Second, my next step is Hyaluronic Elixir, which MUST be paired with water hydration.

Skin uses & needs a lot of water to do it’s repair work at night. I use HA Elixir at night to help lock-in the Flower Water.

Our body temperaure rises while sleeping, which contributes to water loss and de-hydration. But, while we sleep is when our skin is repairing itself from the we need MORE water!

I use HA at night because Hyaluronic Acid (not an exfoliating acid) helps to attract and retain water in the skin and I will take all the help I can get! LOL.

Right after I douse myself in Flower Water, I squeeze almost a full dropper into my hands, and “trap” the Flower Water. I rub it all over my face, neck & décolleté while my face is still wet.

I SLATHER myself in Creme Nouveau at night. Even if I don’t have the energy for Steps 1-3, I put Creme Nouveau on my eyes lips, and cheeks (yes, even over my makeup).

All I can say, is Creme Nouveau is magic. It’s hard to describe, and hard to believe, unless you use it yourself. As soon as the HA Elixir has soaked in enough to feel a little “tacky’ on my skin, I scoop out a pearl sized dollop (a big pearl), rub it between my hands so it melts into a buttery-oil, then I press my hands onto my face, eyes, lips, neck, and decollate. I gently massage the creme all over...and then I get into bed...yasss gurl.

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