Lacey's Face-Care EVENING & MORNING - The Full List of Steps

Image of our Founder Lacey Haegen with a header that says "what do you use" sharing my facial care routine
I am asked a lot: What do YOU use?  

I've always subscribed to the idea that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do self-care, or to use products.  I have always thought that we should use what we want, when we want, and how we want. No rules. 

When I used to work in mainstream cosmetics, it used to really upset me when I would hear a salesperson say things like, "whuuuut? you don't use a serum?! You HAVE to use a serum!"

It was upsetting because I could feel the feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy bubbling up in the woman who was courageous enough to walk into a cosmetic department and ask for help in the first place - only to be told she was doing something wrong. None of us should feel shame about how we take care of ourselves!

Nothing you do, or don't do, in your own self-care routine is wrong.  You-Do-You.

So, for all of you who have asked me what I use and how, I thought I'd share my typical facial routines for morning and evening - simply to share some ideas! It's not right or wrong, it just works for me.
I'm starting with Evening - because the Morning doesn't make sense without the evening.

I'm keeping it bullet pointed for this post - but breakdown the steps in more detail in separate blog posts - so if you want more info, click the "read more" buttons below the image.
evening - at the sink steps 1-4
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morning in the shower routine steps 1-3
read more\
out of the shower - steps-
read more



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