Lacey's Face-Care - MORNING Part 1: In the Shower

morning in the shower steps 1-3
rosette facial bar soapI KNOW that someone has told you that you “should never wash your face with soap,” but not all soap is the same. Facial Soaps got a bad wrap in the 90’s when big-box-beauty companies wanted to sell you their new “foaming gels.”

Personally, I would MUCH rather wash my face with a gentle facial soap than a deter-gent based gel full of “foaming agents.”

This bar soap is SO gentle and creamy! It is my favorite way to start my AM routine. It will completely challenge what you think about “soap.”

I get in the shower, and splash my face with water, I count to 10 as I lather the soap between my hands. I massage the lather onto my face and then rinse. *Don’t get it in your eyes.
cleansing milk in lavender and lemon

Double Cleansing is my JAM. I like a squeaky -clean feel, and think of the 2nd cleanse as more of a mask.

After I rinse the lather from the Rosette Facial Bar Soap, I scoop out about a nickel size of the Cleansing Milk (either Lavender & Lemon or Grapefruit & Orange) and spread it around on my finger-tips and gently spread it all over my face, neck, and décolleté. Do NOT get it in your eyes.

I let it sit for 1-2 minutes like a mask for a deep clean, and then I rinse.

oil nouveau

After double cleansing, I need moisture STAT! Must-get nourishment-on-skin-immediately!

My Oil Nouveau lives in my shower and I apply it - IN THE SHOWER -as soon as I have rinsed the Cleansing Milk.

I tightly squeeze the white dropper top, so it fills about 1/2 of the glass pipette. Then I squeeze the entire dropper onto my hand and rub my hands together.

I slather that oil ALL over my face, eyes, neck, and decollate and let it steam into my skin for the rest of my shower. By the time I get out, my skin is sooo soft.

When I get out, I am careful not to wipe off the oil, so I press my face dry with a Japanese Hair Towel by MOMI Beauty

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