Leap Day Double Points! A lil something extra on this EXTRA DAY!

How weird and fun is February 29th?!  I remember my third grade teacher, Mr Watson, explained the extra day. He said that days are actually a few minutes little longer than an exact 24 hours, so when "they" add all of those extra minutes and it makes up a whole day.  Granted, this is my memory from third grade, so I figured I should also google it...🤣

Google says: the simple reason for leap year is that the earth revolves around the sun in approximately 365.25 days, and so to make sure that a calendar year is the same as a tropical year (which is the period of earth's revolution), there needs to be an extra day added every 4 years.

I feel like both explanations work?!🤷‍♀️

Well, I am ALWAYS wishing for more time in my days, and more days in my week - so TODAY WE CELEBRATE with Double Botanical Beauty Club Points! That's TWO points for every $ spent! 

I am going to do all the things I want to do today (and make myself go to the gym). I'm going to go to my friend, Jess', store called @honestthriftstudio to deliver some seeds from my Angel Trumpet that she is going to plant and grow in tiny pots to sell.  (check out instagram stories to see the seeds!) 

And I thought, why not give a little EXTRA on this lovely EXTRA day! So, TODAY ONLY - double points on all purchases from right now - the end of Leap Year (midnight tonight!)

HAPPY LEAP YEAR EVERYONE! And if you have a Birthday today, extra birthday wishes to you!!! 🍰🥳🎉

PS: What are YOU going to do with this EXTRA DAY?!

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