Living Our Best Lives, One Shower at a Time. Crafting Your Ideal Day, Everyday with Easy Morning Self-Care

This morning I stepped out of the shower and thought, "omg, I feel so amazing right now!" Then I thought, I should share this because I want everyone to start their day feeling UHMAZING!  So, here we go! 

I'm not going to lie, I am totally a morning person.  I don't exactly jump straight out of bed and sing a song, but I do like to get going pretty quickly once I am up.  I like to get right into the shower because that is where I craft my day.  I may have written myself a list the evening before of what I needed to do the next day (who are we kidding - I definitely wrote myself a list, probably three lists), but when I get in the shower right after waking up, with a little residual dream state still in my consciousness, that is when the fresh ideas seem to just drop into my mind.  

While I am in the shower, I'm really fully engaged in my imagination. I keep it grounded with affirmations of gratitude, but I just sort of let the ideas roll.  I am also pretty much on autopilot with the steps of self-care so I like to keep my product routine consistent and simple (yet super indulgent) so I don't have to think about it.  I love the early morning gray light while I shower (a girl does not need bright lights that early!), so my products need to be easy to grab and not too many to choose from too.  

So, I wanted to share how I make the best shower experience (my best moment of self-care for the day) while not having to put much thought or effort into it.

1. The most important part is: I DO NOT CHECK MY PHONE.  I plug my phone in at night in the kitchen and don't pick it up until I have the tea kettle on, a piece of toast in the toaster, and give my kitties some treats...and all of this is after the shower.  I don't want those cellular waves disrupting my residual dream state!

2. My first step in the shower is to wash my face with Cleansing Milk (I alternate between all three, but I only have one jar at a time). I love them all, so when I finish one, I use a different one.  

3. I keep my bottle of Oil Nouveau on the top level of my shower caddy, and as soon as I rinse the Cleansing Milk, I slather a half of a dropper of the Oil all over my face, neck, and decollete.  I love how it melts and steams into my skin and it smells divine.

4. Once my face is all taken care of, I wash my body with either a bar of the Citron Dream Milk & Honey Soap or the Slim Tonique Sea Salt Soap (two of my favorite products I make!) *If you want to shave your legs, etc. this would be the time! You can use the soapy lather, or the Shave Scrub if you want to!

5. When all the soap is rinsed, I put my Butter Balm on all over my body. I love how it melts "like butter on a hot pancake" and makes it so I don't have to put on body lotion when I get out of the shower (ain't nobody got time for body lotion!).

Right now I have the Lavender & Lemon Butter Balm in my shower, and it is just so yummy! Some days, I put the Slim Tonique Body Oil Concentrate on instead of the Butter Balm (usually on weekends).

6. Then, I turn the water off, step out of the shower and pat myself dry with a towel.  There is no need to really rub; after using a Butter Balm the water just beads up and you dry off so much faster.  I use a cotton flour sack towel to pat my face dry, because I can't stand little fuzzies from terrycloth that always seem to stay on my face!  (Target sells the flour sack towels in the kitchen section; they are also fabulous to dry your hair - they are also much less expensive IN the store than online 🤷‍♀️).

7. Last step, spritz my face with Flower Water (I love all of them, so I alternate) and then I top it all off by putting  Creme Nouveau on my face, eye area, lips, neck, and whatever is left over goes on the top of my hands.  (The one product I can NOT live without is Creme Nouveau!) 

I am usually only in the shower for about 10 minutes, but when I get out it feels like I devoted so much more time to myself and I feel amazing!  I would love to hear if any of this resonates, if anything inspires you, and any ideas you have! (Just comment below!)

PS: Yes or No to Outdoor Showers?

xoxo, Lacey

PPS: If you want to hear the original song that I sang a part of on Instagram Stories this morning - here is is!  'Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’' | Gordon MacRae | Rodgers & Hammerstein's OKLAHOMA! (1955 FIlm)

My Grandma used to sing this part to me:

"Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way." 

The other song is "Good Morning To You" - you can hear the whole thing here (warm my heart right here - the lady who sings it is seriously the BEST!). 

"Good morning to you, Good Morning to you! We're all in our places with sunshining faces - this is the way we start our new day!"

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