NEW! Creme Florette for "Blossoming Skin" - Tending to Our Smallest Flowers

What's the one thing I would hope to have with me if I was ever stranded on a deserted island? Creme Nouveau, of course!  Creme Nouveau is always my go-to recommendation, but I do realize we need options!

One of those options is Creme Florette. I made Creme Florette for the young daughters of my Creme Nouveau clients who told me they kept catching their daughters using their Creme Nouveau and wanted a less rich (and less expensive) creme for them! I totally got that! 

And, it's true, ladies who are younger than 25ish may not need all the rich goodness that is in the Creme Nouveau.  What they needs is a light weight, nourishing cream that protects that dewyness of youth - skin I refer to as "Blossoming Skin" - with super strong anti-oxidants.  

So, I created Creme Florette for the younger ladies with a goat milk and aloe lotion and Rose Absolute Essential Oil.  It was lovely. It still is, but lately I've been inspired to make it even better  - to take the same cream it used to be and super charge it!  And, it is now in a pump bottle!

For my 40th birthday two years ago, I introduced Oil Nouveau, which is a super-power-boost to Creme Nouveau.  I wanted to add even more nutrition to my "Blooming Skin." One of the ingredients I added was Pomegranate Seed Oil, which I chose because it is one of the strongest anti-oxidants found on the planet, but also because it is a natural, plant-based, phyto-estrogen that is known to balance and regulate the hormone levels in the skin.  I put it in Oil Nouveau as a right hook to pre-menopausal hormone changes #noshameinmygame.   

However, I recently realized that the younger women, especially those who are dealing with hormonal related breakouts, such as cystic acne, can benefit from the hormonal balancing benefits of Pomegranate Seed Oil too. And, since they are definitely not ready for the Oil Nouveau, I thought - "let's add it to the Creme Florette!"

I also thought, let's also add Allantoin so that the sores from the breakouts heal as fast as possible!  Allantoin is a botanical extract from the Comfrey plant that stimulates the growth of healthy skin tissue and is wonderful for healing wounds. Most of the time, when the skin breakouts - it sort of - errupts, unevenly - and the broken skin often has a hard time healing evenly, which can cause scaring. Allantoin helps the skin knit back together more evenly, and more quickly.

But, the real Pièce de Résistance is the Rose Absolute Essential Oil....

But, before I tell you about why the Rose Absolute is so amazing, I just have to tell you why Creme Florette is so important to me.  Florette means "smallest flower" it is the smallest, most tender young flowers that need the most protection and care.  Creme Florette is my way of taking the best care of the "smallest flowers", our young little ladies.  

I have a special place in my heart for the youngest ladies.  I remember being young, and so badly wanting to be taken seriously.  I was a kid who made my own money (lots of it for a kid) and I loved to spend it.  I loved the experience of being a "grownup" and the exchange of money. My confidence soared when a woman treated me with the same respect she would show an adult and there was NOTHING more derailing and frustrating to me than when a woman dismissed me as a "kid" - especially when I was trying to buy something.

And, if you can believe this, when I was about 10 years old my cousin's girlfriend - who was 'Miss Alaska' - worked at the Christian Dior counter (back when it was called Christian Dior) and I went to visit her for an "appointment."  I felt like the QUEEN! It was amazing. I was enraptured with every part of it, especially how she lovingly touched my little face and talked to me so sweetly - like I really mattered.  I bought a concealer that was packaged like a lipstick (I have no idea why I chose to buy a concealer) and I can still remember twisting it up and down, reveling in how beautiful it was.  It was a wonderfully impactful experience.

When I worked at cosmetic counters as an adult myself, I used to LOVE it when Mom's brought their young daughters in to learn how to take care of their skin and apply makeup "appropriately" (usually right after they started wearing heavy black eye liner like their 'friend' had taught them). 

Those young ladies would sit in my chair, both nervous and excited, and the Mom's would sigh a relief and say with her eyes - thank you! I always pulled out all the stops for them, treating them like the most important person in the world.  I always wanted their experience to be as magical as mine had been with Miss Alaska at Christian Dior.  

Their little faces were always so darling and their skin so bouncy and perfect. Their eyes wide with interest and their young minds fully engaged and full of questions. I always felt it was an incredible gift to step into a young girls life, for even just a minute, and interact with her an an equal and positive role-model. It was a wonderful opportunity to show a young girl a positive example of who and how to be.   

Did you know that there are women in my life today, that started out as teenagers coming to my Chanel counter?  Yep! Say hello Angie and Britta! (Who I am so grateful are huge fans of Beaute Nouveau!)

So, in homage to the young ladies, an ode to growing up, I have added the Pièce de Résistance - the showpiece, the highlight, the masterpiece - the MOST EXPENSIVE AND MOST COVETED Essential Oil - to the Creme intended for our youngest ladies. My intention with the new Creme Florette is that it reminds the young ladies who use it, that they are extremely valuable to our world, that I truly respect them, and am so excited for the amazing futures that are waiting for them as they grow up.  Their value does not begin as an adult, they are magical at every age. 

Oh, and Rose Absolute is steamed from the petals of roses and the oil is incredibly high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, which makes it perfect for taking care of and protecting young, "blossoming" skin

And, if you just want a light weight moisturizer full of super strong anti-oxidants and phyto-estrogen, and you are "blooming", or "in full bloom" - you will love this too! I've been applying the Creme Florette at night under my Creme Nouveau - sort of as a serum - because you know I love that Rose Absolute Essential Oil!

We’ve created our own “skin types” based on what skin needs during different times in our lives. Skin is a very important organ in our bodies and has needs similar to the rest of our bodies. So, we figured,why not choose our products based on those needs?

We’ve designed guides (like the one for Blooming below) for choosing the best Beaute Nouveau for your “skin type.”

Just click on the “Skin Type” link on our website for more info!


My mom took me to Clinique as well! I love this blog post, Lacey!

Suzan Hixon May 26, 2020

I love this post. I took my daughter to Cliniquewhen she was younger because I wanted someone to show her about skin care and makeup who she would respect. I never had that chance as a kid. Thank you!

Janet May 25, 2020

Love love love this!!! I remember when my mom took me to the Clinique counter for my first “real” makeup, being treated like an adult was such a treat!!

Jess May 25, 2020

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