Our NEW Fragrance Collection - PARIS SUNSET!

This new PARIS SUNSET fragrance is hands-down, my favorite collection I have ever created and I am so excited to share it with you!

This scent collection is inspired by my trip to Paris in 2001.  I have been working on this collection for about a year, and it feels like now is the perfect time to share a memory of a wonderful adventure of travel so we can envision some adventure into our futures. 

For my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, they took my entire family (26 of us in total - which was crazy!) to Italy to celebrate this monumental occassion.  My Grandmother had saved money secretly for years to take us.  Needless to say it was a formative and life changing adventure.  The deal was, my Grandparents paid for the airfare and accommodations while we were in Italy, and we had to all meet up at the same spot at a certain day and time. But, we could travel to where ever we wanted to go, before or after. So, my immediate family and I went to France and England first.

We arrived in Paris to a 100% at full capacity city, during the World Cup in 2001, to find that our hotel did not have our reservation. However, we were lucky enough to get one tiny room we could all squeeze into for the night. That first night definitely did not live up to the magical experience I had envisioned Paris would be.  

But, that next glorious morning, the only room available was a suite fit for the Queen, and we were moved into the top floor penthouse of the hotel. It was EVERYTHING! Like romantic-comedy-set-in-Paris-amazing.  It was like being the heroine in a WWI novel, perched up on the top floor, gazing out the giant french windows that overlooked the entire city.  

Being up at that vantage point, you could see all of Paris.  The city below was buzzing with energy, the World Cup Tournament had packed the city and you could feel the excitement.  From up high, perched in such luxury, was exhilarating.  And, to be able to see the clear sky over the city that was so alive, subtly change into a decadent and rich sunset, was truly magical.  

The Paris Sunset Collection is that memory in a bottle. Everything I saw in Paris was beautiful and dazzled my eyeballs, but the most wonderful part of the experience were the joyful feelings and inspirations that came from being there.  

The thing about joy and inspiration, is that once you feel it, you want more of it! You want to recreate that those feelings - that's why we love positive memories because they evoke those lovely feelings.  

I've been working on this collection for about a year, but haven't felt compelled to launch it until now.  We are in a time when fond old memories are comforting, and making new memories from far away travels isn't really an option right now, so I feel like a scent that combines the past and the imagination of the future is perfect for right now.  

I know you want to know exactly what it smells like, but I can't really tell you and I don't even really want to tell you.  Our brains will want to say, "I smell....." and categorize the different notes, but my hope is that you can smell it, and just let it take you to those happy memories or ignite your imagination.  

This blend has a lot of different notes, so all of us will smell it differently, just as I am sure my family remembers Paris differently than I do.  But, I will tease you with this....the fragrance is not only reminiscent of a Sunset in Paris, it actually smells like a sunset looks! Bright orange with notes of Tangerine; soft pinks and yellows with notes of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, and greens and blues, with toasted spices and an earthy finish.  

I promise you will love this new scent and it will make you happy, just like when you remember something wonderful, or get to gaze at a stunning sunset (wherever you are).

PS: I hope you love this new scent!  Please feel free to share with your friends! And, if I can help with any product or skin care questions - I am always here to help!

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