Our NEW Hyaluronic Elixir!

This last weekend I posted on Instagram, asking you to tell me your questions about Hyaluronic Acid or HA. Most of you responding that you've heard of this ingredient before, and I'm assuming that you've heard of it because it's in a lot of products right now, it's a really popular and trendy ingredient. And I wanted to talk about what it is what it does, where it comes from, and the available hyaluronic acid products that are on the market right now.

So, I just want to dive right into it like what is it, so it's what's called a polysaccharide, or disaccharide. Hyaluronic Acid is a sugar, basically, and it's actually found naturally occurring in our bodies. It's found in umbilical cords, the vitreous humor,  (which is a part of your eyeball), and also, in the skin.  HA has a really important biological function, it can actually regulate the flow of water in our skin cells, and in our cell tissues - the spongy material that our tissues live in, and collagen and elastin structures. And Hyaluronic Acid is known to be able to hold 500 to 1000 times its own weight and water, which is one of the reasons it's really great for your skin;; it helps your skin hold water, it attracts and retains water.

HA helps strengthen the function of the skin and also the structures that hold the skin together. So, it is a very necessary naturally occurring substance that our body produces. That being said, where did it come from synthetically? So I did some Google searching. You can do the same, but basically in 1934, two scientists named Carl Meyer and John Palmer found what they called to be an amino sugar, which is basically an amino acid, we know today. They found HA in a pig eyeball. And they studied it, and they found out that it regulates water balance, and flow resistance, and acts as a lubricant and stabilizes cellular structures.

Back in the day, when they were initially working with this, HA was extracted from rooster combs. Obviously that's not okay. H yaluronic Acid is also found naturally occurring in certain strains of bacteria. So today to create HA, certain sugars are fermented with bacteria to create Hyaluronic Acid. It's very similar to making yogurt out of milk or wine out of grapes. It's a specific strain of bacteria applied to soy proteins, beet sugar, glucose, that when that reaction occurs you have Hyaluronic Acid. This fermentation process is how HA is mass produced for the skin care industry and commercial use. 

However, here's the thing about commercial use Hyaluronic Acid. When HA is 100% concentrated, that means that it's 1% hyaluronic acid and 99% water. Because of how HA is made and what it is made from, Hyaluronic acid is a very unstable ingredient and degrades very quickly. It has to be stored in a cool dark place, and it doesn't have a long shelf life. It lasts between three to six months, depending on the conditions that it's being stored in.

So here's the issue with mainstream Hyaluronic Acid:  when HA is in a mainstream serum, or cream, the products been mass produced in giant quantities, and those giant quantities have to have a shelf life, and they have to be made and huge batches. The companies have to know that the products can sit on the shelf at Target for as long as it takes for somebody to pick it up and then it has to sit on your shelf at home.

So HA can be a really potent ingredient, and can be very helpful to the health of your skin. But when you buy it in something on a big box store shelf, it's basically in a base of other stable ingredients and preservatives, like petroleum ingredients and intense preservatives, to make it last. So, how can it really be that effective?  Not only is the HA sitting in a petroleum soup - it has most likely degraded far past its lifespan.

So here's the thing, my goal is always to give you the best option in skincare and for those of you who want Hyaluronic Acid, I want that to be available to you, but not in a goo of plastic soup and a base based on shelf life and profitability.

Since we a really small company, and we can do things based on what you need, versus what the company's bottom line needs, we have partnered with a company that makes a very pure Hyaluronic Acid.

We buy it in small quantities, and we can regulate how long it sits on a shelf. We are not selling this in stores, it's only available online. So that when you order it, we can make you a bottle.  The HA is stored in the refrigerator until you order it. We can keep track of the shelf life and we know you're getting the freshest product, and you know you're getting the freshest product.

We are so excited to share with you our new, Hyaluronic Elixir!

This is 99% water, 1% Hyaluronic Acid. It is preserved with silver and citric acid. There are four ingredients in this product, and it is the most clean Hyaluronic Acid we have been able to find. It's a clear gel. You can put this on your skin right after you wash. You want to spritz with Flower Water first, then trap the water from The Flower Water with the Elixir.  Or, create a skin care "cocktail",  by putting a dropper full of HA Elixir in your hand, add some Creme Nouveau to the HA Elixir, mix it all together, and put it on all at the same time. You choose how you want to do it.

This bottle is one ounce, it will last you as long as it lasts. As long as every morning (or every time you wash your face and apply your moisturizers), when you put your creams on, you put one dropper in your hands. You don't need to keep it in the refrigerator. You just need to USE it. If you're going to buy it, use it. Don't think it's going to sit in your drawer for a year, it will degrade. This is an amino acid. It is a polysaccharide, it is fermented from sugar. It's very similar to the idea of yogurt, it doesn't last forever. But if you want to add extra water to your skincare routine, and you want to help your cells and your structures, regulate the flow of water, and improve the absorption and the retention of water, this Elixir is definitely a really great way to do that. And, it doesn't have any petroleum derivatives, it's just strictly water + Hyaluronic Acid, and the most natural way to preserve those two ingredients.

If you're interested in HA it is here for you. We are not trying to push Hyaluronic Acid on anybody or telling anyone that they NEED it. If you want it and you have been interested, or you've been using it from another company, and you want to just switch to a more pure version, it's available to you. So it's going to be part of the collection it's only available online. 


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