Can't Spa? Our Professional Spa Products for NOW for home!


Who needs a spa day? Who also wants to sit in front of an air conditioner or crawl inside the big freezers at the grocery store for awhile because it is SO hot!?  (Um, I do!)

I have a secret.  I make them for spas who offer services like body wraps, exfoliating treatments, and massage and they've never been available to use at home.  

Buuuuut, with so many of our favorite spas being temporarily closed...and I know we could all use something a 'lil' different and some GOOD, I thought it might be fun to share some of the spa products with you! 

First to be introduced is the SPA TONIQUE SEA SALT SCRUB!  

This Sea Salt Scrub is Part 1, of a 2 part Cold-Hot Detoxifying Body Wrap Treatment. This part EXFOLIATES AND COOLS.  The base of this Scrub is our signature whipped goat milk soap, so it cleanses and exfoliates.  The Salt & Clay in this Scrub gently slough off tough dead skin, stimulate blood flow, and draw out impurities. Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil cools & invigorates. Grape Seed Oil is whipped in at the end to tighten, tone, and moisturize skin.

Skin feels so soft, so clean, and cool and tingly!  So great on a hot day!  It smells very spa-y with the peppermint & eucalyptus too.  


Why does it COOL?  Have you ever steeped yourself in an Ice-Cold pool?  It sounds dreadful, I know!  But, did you know it is an ancient remedy for health and might just make this summer heat - bearable?  

When a close friend of mine turned 40 a few years ago, we went to Glen Ivy Spa. This place is amazing. It's all outside and you wear a swimsuit as you hop from sulfur pools, epsom salt pools, mud pools, cold pools, hot pools, and saunas.  

Neither of us are very avid spa-goers, and we howled with laughter after "relaxing" for all of 20 minutes and realizing we had no idea what to do with ourselves. When we checked it, the lady at reception told us we should try the ice-cold pools. We were like, "um, that sounds miserable, no thank you!"  

But, eventually we found our way over to them.  And, hardly anyone was in them, which was a welcomed difference to every other pool.  So, we thought, "why not?" and we tortured ourselves as we begrudgingly sunk into them, inch by miserable inch.  Now, when I say cold, I mean FREEZING.  Ice water.   

We endured for about 10 minutes.  Then we raced into the next pool which was HOT. So hot. So good.  Relief. Comfort.  But, after while, to our surprise, we were TOO hot and kindof missed the ice water.  So, we decided to partake in torture part 2.  Kid you not, we spent most of the day going back and forth....until we were all of a sudden ravenously hungry. We had planned on having salads and spa water for lunch, but found ourselves scarfing a GIANT plate of nachos and chardonnays!

While we were pool hoping we met a man who was also spending his day in the hot-cold pools and he told us a fascinating story.  He was in his 80's and he was born in Austria.  He told us that when he was born, part of the birth ritual in his family/culture/at the time was to submerge babies in alternating cold and hot baths to get their blood flowing and increase survival and infant health. The blood vessels expand and contract, flushing oxygen through the body to geet all systems firing. (He also told us that was why we were so hangry after our pool hopping!) 

He told us he had continued that health tradition throughout his life and had always experienced vibrant health.  Even if he didn't have giant pools, he did this with showers and his bath tub. When he retired, he moved next door to Glen Ivy Spa, bought a year pass, and goes to the pools every day.  He also said his mother regularly went to hot-cold pools and lived to 102 years old!

So, how about a Cold Pool - Hot Pool - Spa Day...AT HOME?!

You can make your own hot-cold pool at home, and you don't even need ice! 

All you need is a bath tub and my Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend!

If you want to have the best spa day at home - EVER...

1. Take a hot shower and scrub your body with the Sea Salt Scrub.  

2. Then, get into a hot bath.  

3. Add 10 pumps (yes, 10!) of the Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil to the bath water, and relax. The longer you sit, the colder you will feel.  When you move, you will feel the hot water.  When you are still, ice-cold. When you get out, you will feel cold for about a half an hour or more.  

Here's the best part....when you purchase a Sea Salt Scrub, I am GIVING you the 1 oz Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil blend FOR FREE for your Cold-Bath.  

This is for 2 reasons.  One, because I love you.  Two, because when you go to a spa, they use a LOT more product in a service than we usually "allow" ourselves at home.  So, the Scrub Jar is HUGE and I hope you slather yourself!  And, the Essential Oils are free, so definitely indulge yourself like a spa would indulge you! 10 pumps!  You are SO worth it! 

If you really want to up-level this Spa Day - add the Slim Tonique Sea Salt Soak to your hot bath!  

Stay safe, stay cool, stay spahhhhhhh'd.  

Much love to all of you.


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