Our Passion vs. Our Purpose

So for this Tuesday talk, I thought it would be interesting to talk about the difference between purpose and passion. I'm totally biting this off somebody else's speech that I listened to this weekend, so do not think this is my original idea. It's not. But, it really resonated with me and I thought it would be cool to share with you all.

So, I got the opportunity over the weekend to listen to this incredible speaker and her topic was purpose versus passion, and I think we hear about passion all the time. But purpose, oh, she described this in such an amazing way. She said your purpose is not what you do, it's what happens in and to people when you do what you do. She said, purpose is renewable energy, because it is tied to other people, whereas passion is just about you. And I had some big aha moments during that. And it made me really stop and think, because I've been struggling with some burnout. I've been struggling with needing to shift some things and change some of the things that I do, and the ways that I do things, to free myself up to do the things that I'm actually passionate about.

So I took a moment this morning and journaled about this and I wanted to share with you what I came up with. So, I am passionate about real raw ingredients. God-given, botanically-created, found naturally-occurring-on-this-earth ingredients, and creating out of them. Skincare is my art. Naturally, I'm an artist at heart, skincare is my art. But my passion creates a tangible product that fulfills my purpose. And my purpose is to pour love into each and every one of you, to make you feel taken care of and to wrap you in a big hug every morning and be with you, protecting you throughout your day to bolster your self love, so that you can soar a little higher every single day.
And I have three words that I use to describe Beaute Nouveau and that is compassion, trust, and protection. Those are the things that I want you to feel. And I want you to know are our main goals, I want to give you so much more than just skincare. I mean skincare is skincare, it's just products, we're just washing and moisturizing. That's what we're doing with products. But I want you to feel like you have something that gives you that burst. Like this is special, this is for me, this is from someone who wants me to be my best to live my best life. Because, if I could line every single one of you up every single morning, and give you a big hug and tell you you're amazing. That would make me the happiest person on earth.

So that's truly what I'm trying to communicate when I make these products. And every time you buy one, or you use one, or you share with me that it made you happy or you enjoyed your experience, or you liked it, or you gave it to somebody and they liked it. Or it changed how you were feeling about yourself because it changed your morning or it made your skin feel happy, or it made your makeup look amazing. Or somebody gave you a compliment. That is the renewable energy source that comes from fulfilling my purpose. And it's a direct connection between the two of us and these products that I make and offer to the world, that's just like, our like rope, right? That's just the thing that connects us together and then connects you to the next person that you share it with. So, that weekend speaker just cleared so many things up for me, and I hope that this resonates with you. And if you have a minute today to think about what your passion versus your purpose is, jot it down, DM me, I'd love to know, maybe we could do a little share of what all of our passion versus purpose is. Because I think when you think of purpose versus passion, there is no burnout. There is no negativity, it's just like forward movement, and we could all use more of that.
Love you, I'm Lacey, bye!

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