Summer-Itis Anyone?

Summer-itis, Anyone?
We got'chu. It's the perfect time for our new Grapefruit Salt Balm with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Summer is in full swing and we have SUMMERITIS!

Summeritis: when you're more focused on your vacation, the weather, summer cocktails you want to make or just about anything summer related rather than your work. (thank you google for this spot-on definition!)

Anyone else feeling SUMMERITIS? That sunshine and summer fun is calling!

To celebrate the sunshine, and all things summer,

we are super excited to share with you our latest creation...

Butter Balm + SALT = Salt Balm

Salt Balm jar

If you love the Butter Balms and Sugar Balms, you are going to LOVE the Salt Balm! This Body Exfoliator is the same silky, buttery base to leave your skin suuuuper soft and hydrated,

but with SALT instead of Sugar!


And, we've kept it simple with Grapefruit Essential Oil for a burst of brightness!

Ohhhh, makes me thirsty just thinking about it!

What it is: Salt Balm is a Moisturizing Body Scrub that exfoliates with Himalayan Sea Salt. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt exfoliates, detoxifies, AND it is full of over 80 trace minerals that help replace the nutrients we lose when we sweat (or evaporate - as I like to say LOL!)

How you use it: In the Shower. After Cleansing. Use the shell to scoop out about a quarter size of the product, and gently massage all over body (or wherever you want).

Summer pick-me-up in a jar!

Yesss I need this button

Paloma Anyone? image of a cocktail in a glass

paloma recipe

xoxo Lacey & Beaute Nouveau

🍊: For any of you who might be thinking Squirt® Soda? Yes, Ma'am. I rarely got to drink soda as a kid, but when I did - it was a Squirt® ! And, it will forever remind me of hot-summer-days when all I had to do was play outside....and as a grown-up it's a delightful addition to a Paloma.

Salt Balm jars lined up together with lids off.

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