Simple Health Hacks for the Holidays


The Holiday-Hustle can take a toll.  

So many to-do's, more stress, high expectations, more sugar, more take-out, less sleep....

Well, here are some very simple..... 


that might help a "reserve" some energy and "preserve" your immunity.

1. Drink a mug of hot water with a lemon squeezed it in first thing in the morning or in the afternoon. Lemons have so much Vitamin C, Anti-Oxidants, and drinking more water is always a plus.

2. Whenever you can, sit with your feet UP. On a chair, ottoman, couch, etc.  Having your feet up, tells your body it can rest - when your feet are on the ground, your body knows it has to be ready to go and is using energy vs. conserving energy.

3. Always make sure your feet are warm! Cold feet drops your immunity. If you do get a cold -  make sure you and your feet are always warm!

4. Swap out the word "DIET" for the word "BUDGET." Instead of ruining the enjoyment of indulging in something you really would love to partake in - set a "budget" of how many pieces of chocolate - or how big of a piece of that amazing home-made goodie your colleague made from scratch for a cherished family recipe - you get to "spend"! And, when you decide not to indulge in something, you can say, "I've spent my budget" and eliminate the self-shaming of "I can't" or "I shouldn't" eat that...

5. Take a hot bath with Espom Salts at least once a week.  Especially in the early morning.  Yes, sleep is super important, but a hot bath first thing in the morning helps you to wake up slowly, soothe your neurological system, and set a focus and intention for the day that is very different than rushing through a shower and your morning routine.  And, a bath doesn't take anymore time that a shower (add a little Slim Tonqiue Body Oil Concentrateto your bath for even more amazing immunity boosting essential oils). 

6. Slow down.  Just because you have thought of 1 million ideas that would make the holidays extra-special, does NOT mean you have to implement them all! It does no one any good to run yourself ragged trying to create the "perfect" gift list, or meal, or whatever.  Slow down, kiss your loved ones, snuggle on the couch, turn on Harry Potter and chill.  (You know Harry Potter is always on).

7. Remind yourself that other people's drama and stories are NONE of your business and it has nothing to do with you.  Girl, just keep jingling along blissfully.

8. Be fierce in your knowledge that YOU are the best gift you could ever give.  

Love, health, and prosperity to you all!

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