The Future of Skin Care? Taking Clean Beauty Further

Since we have been on the topic of "Clean" Beauty lately...I say...let's take that topic just one step farther, shall we?

The idea of "Skin Care" has become synonymous with the "Beauty" Industry.  We look to the Beauty Industry and Cosmetic Companies for the products and information we use to "care" for our skin. But, WHY? Why does the Beauty Industry lead the charge on this?  Is it because taking care of our skin make us "beautiful"?  

Why are skin care products also known as "beauty" products?  That's a deep, dark rabbit hole for another day, but I just want to highlight that connection and point out that caring for our skin and being beautiful, are not necessarily correlated. In my humble opinion, looking for "beauty" in a product or in the look of a face, is as old fashioned as going swimming in pantaloons and bloomers! And further, the "Beauty" Industry is not creating products that "care" for our skin. Plastic in our skin care products is not "care" in my book.

And now, we don't just have skin care, we have a fancy new, and elusive, term called "Self-Care."  I don't know about you, but I'm still not crystal clear on what that EVEN IS!?  Is it a bath?  A mani-pedi? Yoga? Eating a Salad?  Sometimes all the "self-care" I can muster is a load of laundry so I have a  pair of underwear to wear! Does that count? And, what do I do if I'm not "self-caring" correctly?  Self-shame because I'm not doing it right? Ugh. So much pressure.  

What if we separated Skin Care from the concept of Beauty, stopped looking to the Beauty Industry for our care, and allowed ourselves to just...let our Self's BE?

Skin + Care = ? 

Skin is a vital organ.  That is it.  Skin has no business being "beautiful."  Skin is alive and keeps us alive.  The health of our skin is Vital to our lives and well-being.

Therefore, Skin + Care = Health + Care.

So, now that THAT is on the table - how does shifting our mindset to Skin Care as Health Care - change HOW we take care of our skin?  

I am going to share 3 simple ways.  

First, we love our skin and show gratitude to it - every inch of it - with no expectations that it LOOK a certain way, or expect it to make us "beautiful." We do this by creating a mindful practice to treat any area "you hate" or wish was thinner, less splothcy, less red, more tan - whatever - with even MORE love and attention.  (We'll talk about this more in the weeks to come).

Second, never let the sun burn it. Ever. (We'll talk more about this in the coming weeks too).

Third, the Future of Skin Care is what I like to call LYMPH CARE. And we are going to get into this NOW.

We are all familiar with the blood that flows through our bodies.  Blood flows through our veins, vessels and capillaries, and is constantly circulated through our bodies by the pumping of our hearts (one reason it is called our Circulatory System).  Blood feeds our body with nutrients, oxygen, and other life giving miracles.  

Did you know there is another system that parallels the blood system that is equally important?  We are less familiar with a system that parallels the blood channels that is called our Lymphatic System.  This system moves waste and toxins out of our bodies.  You know when you get a blister?  The fluid that fills up a blister is called Lymphatic Fluid and it is vital to flushing out our bodies.  The most important tid-bit to highlight is that the Lymphatic system does not have a pump, which means we must actively stimulate the movement of that fluid.

Why?  Because when the fluid that holds waste, sits and stagnates, toxins build up in our bodies.  And, toxicity can lead to sickness.  

In order to truly take "care" of our skin, we have to actively stimulate the circulation of Lymphatic Fluid and the flush of toxins and waste.  

How, you ask?  

1. Drinking LOTS of water.

2. Manual Massage.

3. Jumping exercises and jump rope.

4 Sweating.  

5. Deep breathing.

And, finally.  I make 5 products that are purposefully for Lymphatic stimulation and they are my favorites!

I created these products years ago, and named the collection based on the fact that all of the ingredients were "known to reduce the appearance of cellulite."  My friend and I brainstormed on names and came up with Slim Tonique.  I regret using the term "slim" today, and will be transitioning it to Spa Tonique, but for now I have a LOT of labels to use up 😂.

What I love about these products is that you can use all of them or one of them. You can use them all the time, or for a week during the month, or quarterly.   The Different Ways to Detox methods are at the very bottom of this is email.

What I want everyone to know is that these products are PURPOSEFUL and IMPACTFUL.  They move fluid and they create heat.  They can be dehydrating and since they are moving toxins, all kinds of things can get moving.  Meaning, it is possibly to experience headaches, diarrhea, nauseau, and sweating (that's why I suggest using these in the morning vs. the evening).  

And do NOT use these if you are pregnant as they are dehydrating.  The don't make your skin feel dry, they squeeze out your body like a sponge!  Its WILD. 

Make sure you are drinking a lot of water when using these products, and practicing AWARENESS of how you are feeling.

What makes these products so powerful?  I believe it is the combination of the Awareness for the Care of your entire Body + the Manual Stimulation of the Lymphatic Fluid by physically massaging them into the skin + the Proprietary Blend of the Essential Oils. 

I know you are wondering what this smells like?  Honestly, it's hard to say.  I have found that everyone smells something differently.  Five people can smell it and each will say, "Ohhh, I smell _________!" And it will be different. I think it's because the body is attracted to what it needs and that shows up in our interpretation of the smell.  

I can tell you it smells like a "spa."  And, you whole house will smell like one too!  (Maybe we'll make a candle one day 😉 #staytuned).

I know this was a LOT - so, as always, please reach out to me with any questions! I am here to help! Just comment below or send us a message 💖.

This email will be converted to our lates blog post if you want to refer to this info in the future.




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