The Meaning of Labor Day + Final Update on "The Great Cosmetic Clean Out of 2020"

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I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and get to celebrate with those closest to you!  On Saturday, I had a lovely experience while finally closing out "the Great Cosmetic Clean Out of 2020."  This was one of those full-circle experiences that had an extra lesson folded into it; a lesson that really highlighted and celebrated Labor Day for me.  

Remember in January when we did the GREAT COSMETIC CLEAN-OUT OF 2020, where you sent all of your old, toxic, cosmetic products to me, and I said I would dispose of them properly by taking them to the San Diego Hazardous Waste Facility???  

(If not, check it out - it was fab!)

Well my friends, I kept extending the cutoff date because I know that sometimes it just takes a little longer to muster up the energy to clean out all of the bathroom nooks and crannies.  So, I didn't call to make a drop-off appointment until about late February. 

But, by the time my appointment rolled around, the Household Hazardous Waste Facility had long been shut-down by Covid and has only recently reopened. Originally I had unpacked the boxes you sent to me and consolidated them into 6 giant boxes that I then put in the corner of the room where orders are packed. Eventually, I hauled them all home and put them in my garage.  Fast for ward to having to move, I hauled those boxes back to work and stashed them in the bathroom. Friday, I loaded up my car again and brought them finally be able to take them to their final destination on Saturday! Phew! 

September 5th, was finally the day!  I had no idea what to expect as I headed out toward the "dump," but I wasn't expecting much, and I certainly wasn't expecting to enjoy myself. It was already about 90 degrees by 10 am, the air quality was at 160 (which apparently is pretty bad), and a holiday weekend. 

When I arrived, I pulled in, and followed the cones to the start of the process.  I was greeted by a very friendly Women who checked my name on the list, and with a big smile (in her eyes) she invited me to pull forward and around.  I followed more cones, and was waved into a spot to turn my car off and open my trunk.  

The Man who was waving me forward was wearing a full-body, coverall made of plastic.  He was wearing a mask, goggles, and gloves, and he must have been beyond hot.  Here's where the magic started.  He waved me forward, and as I inched along he pretended like I had rolled over his foot with my tire!  I couldn't see his smile under his mask, but I knew I hadn't rolled over his foot, and I knew he had a big smile on - because I could see it in his eyes.  (Although, the thought that maybe I DID roll over his foot, did make my armpits sweat a bit!)

I rolled down the window, and he was laughing about his foot joke, and then he was making more jokes as he told me to open the trunk and explained the process.  I couldn't help but giggle along with him - his positivity was infectious!  At first, I couldn't get the trunk to open, but instead of getting frustrated, he made more jokes and tried to help.  Then, he was joking and laughing with me from the back of the car the entire time he removed the boxes from my trunk.

His demeanor and attitude made this experience completely different from what I was expecting. He could have very easily been hot, bothered, and completely indifferent to the task of helping me dump my "trash" - on Labor Day weekend; a holiday designed to honor...essentially HIM. Instead, he was lighthearted, friendly, and entertaining!  He could have moved slowly, and complained, but he was quick and light on his feet, and curious about what I was dropping off.  I told him about the Clean-Out and how so many of you sent your old products to be properly disposed of, and he thought that was so cool!  

It wasn't just this one Man at the Facility; everyone I encountered was friendly and accommodating and genuinely seemed happy to be there.  It was hugely inspiring to me to see all of these people - doing really hard work - and being so kind while doing it.  This experience very much animated to me that no matter who you are or what you do - you matter and you are important - and we can all help each other feel like that. No matter what we do, all of us provide essential support to each other, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.  We are all connected and every function we are serving, serves.  It is so important to respect each other and take pride in what each of us is doing, because we truly do rely on each other in ways we don't often get to see or need to think about.  

Huge love and respect to everyone out there in all the different parts of the Labor Force - past, present, and future.  Huge love and respect also to all the people who support those in the Labor Force - the Caretakers and Homemakers and Dream-makers.  

Today we celebrate all of our labors: the soil, the seeds, the sun, the care, the growth, and the fruits.

As always, so much love, gratitude, and respect to all of you. 


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PS: I did a little Poll on Instagam this weekend and asked if you would want to do The Great Cosmetic Clean-Out of 2021 - and the answer was a resounding yes! What do you think? Should we do this again?  If so - start getting organized! Firm cutoff of 1/31/2021!  More the come! 


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