Visualize Whirled Peas - Mind Management Activities to Bring Us Back from Overwhelm

How are you managing your mind these days?  

There is some heavy information being presented to us right now and fear can take hold pretty quickly.  I wanted to share some activities to help keep our thinking on track and shift our focus when we get overwhelmed.

I participated in a conversation yesterday about being super intentional on where we put our thoughts.

What is "Intentional Thinking?"  In it's most simple form it means, are you focusing your thinking on creativity, gratitude, positivity, and reveling in how much you love your life, family, blessings, etc., or is your mind running a muck with all of the information it is processing and leaving you chewing off your fingernails and carving deep frown lines in your forehead?  

Isn't it interesting how we are always thinking, but not necessarily controlling those thoughts?  Is that even possible?  Can you control your thoughts? Even if you aren't able to control them, you can definitely practice focusing them.   But, it takes practice, patience, and the willingness to start again and again when you realize that your thoughts are all of a sudden, somewhere else. And, focusing thoughts takes something specific to focus on...something specific to think about it.   

It starts with little things like contemplating subtle differences like "visualize world peace" vs "visualize whirled peas."  How fun is that?  The little things that make you stop and think.

1.  THE PINA COLADA SONG:  I know you have heard this song a 1000 times, but I bet you've never really listened to the lyrics and imagined the characters act out the story in your imagination.  This is one of my favorite songs because the story is sooo good! About 3 years ago I actually listed to it and imagined it, and it blew me away.  Click the link above and listen to the song.  (Other favorite exceptionally long songs to get lost in November Rain by Guns N Roses (swoon worthy for sure), Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepellin, A Sorta Fairy Tale by Tori Amos.

2.  MINDFUL MEDITATION: Easier said than done, right.  But, I have a friend named Jen Dial, and she has created a meditation method that is truly unique. Right now she is offering free session through her website.  Now is the perfect time to sign up for her mailing list and give her a listen.  She literally has the most amazing voice you have ever heard - you melt instantly.  Here is the link.  Also, find her website at 

3.  MEMORIZE STUFF.  Like your bank account number, your Drivers License, your times tables...all the stuff that you have to look up.  And, then your spouse's and children's SSN, drivers license, etc.  Learn people's phone numbers.  Not necessarily a FUN activity, but so useful and requires your focus.  

4.  NOTICE and NAME COLORS.  Sit still and look at the things around you, one at a time. Name their color.  And make the name of the color at least 3 words.  Not just "gray", but "ocean morning mist."  Not just "green" but "soft succulent sage."  Write them down on a list - who knows you may start a paint color company when life returns to normal! 

5. THANK YOUR BODY.  Close your eyes and imagine each body part. Start from the top of your head and think, forehead, then visualize your forehead. Move to the bridge of your nose, your eyes, the tip of your nose, and visualize every single body part until you get to the tips of your baby toes.  Stop along the way and say, "hello there little tips of my toes, thank you for doing such a great job being my toes!"  Say that for all your parts!  That is literally a full hour of fun.   *And at 3am whe you can't sleep this is the best.  Add an inhale + exhale as you pause at each spot - it's like a lullaby for the mind.  Really up this practice with a 10 minute Sound Bath in the background.

6. TRANSLATE. Find a sentence or paragraph from your favorite book. Translate each of the words individually into another language using google translate.  Write down the sentence or paragraph that comes together from each individual word.  Then, put the entire original sentence or paragraph into google translate and see what comes up. Write that down.  Then, study the difference in the language from the individual words to the phrase.  Notice where the tenses change, etc.  

7.  DOGS.  Do you know that there are 339 breeds of dogs that are divided into 10 different groups based on the dog’s purpose or function or on its appearance or size?  Seriously. Here is the link.  Create a Dog Dictionary and catalog that in your brain! 

8. CHASE MIRACLES.  It is very easy to find scary stories, but it is also easy to find inspiring stories!  Imagine if your morning news sources was the Good News Network ( where ALL of the news stories are about GOOD news!? Read those articles and talk about them to your friends and family. (I will be posting  GOOD NEWS article on our facebook feed from now on).

9.  LIST YOUR FAVORITE FOOD SPOTS.  I don't know about you but every time my Husband and I are trying to think of a place to go eat, we go blank.  And, there are like a 1000 places we have said we want to go to! Think about all of them and write them down.  Then go follow them on social media! 

10. YOUR RECIPE LEGACY.  When I got married, my Grandma "Gabo", gave me a recipe box. She filled it with hand-written copies of her most beloved recipes.  Think about your favorite recipes (whether they are yours or someone else's) and write them down to pass them along.  If the recipe you love belongs to someone else, call them up and ask them to explain it to you so you can capture it for both of you!

11.  ELEVATE YOUR JOY!  Think thoughts full of joy and gratitude until you FEEL them in your body. Compliment everyone and everything you see (even random household items like a spoon!) There is beauty in everything! 

12.TREASURE BOX.  Cut a piece of printer paper into 8 pieces.  Think of things that you want to happen in the future and write them down as if they already ARE.  Find a box and fill the box with your wishes.  Whatever is in the box, already IS!  (Idea borrowed from the book Ask and it is Given.

13.  DANCE.  Sometimes, let your body do the thinking. Some favorite dance jams are: (don't judge me, I'm 42 😂💃) Ray of Light by Madonna, Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez, Shackles by Mary Mary, Dance Tonight by Lucy Pearl, Wild by Lolo 

14.  CONVERSATION TOPICS.  Do you have 3-5 go-to topics of conversation that you can speak intelligently about at a dinner party?  If not, pick them and practice them!  We will eventually be able to mingle with society again and we are going to HAVE to have interesting things to talk about!  

15. YOU TELL ME.  Comment below to share some other ways to engage our minds in positive and creative ways!

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