VOTE! Today is Super Tuesday!

VOTE! Today IS Super Tuesday.

I often hear "why should I vote? It's not like ONE vote matters." I'd like to propose Voting this way: if you go to the gym ONE time...does it count? Well, I say HELL YES IT DOES! And, if you go to the gym 10,000 times - does that count more? NO! Because you had to go 1 day for 10,000 days and each and every day on that treadmill is where the count comes from.  

Same with voting - the large numbers come from counting 1, 2, 3, etc.  So yes, ONE VOTE MATTERS. YOUR VOTE MATTERS.  Today is a PRIVILEGE! Women with far less power, respect, and options - and who were considered PROPERTY OF A MAN - FOUGHT HARD to earn the right to vote and HAVE A VOICE. Even though we enjoy much higher levels of freedom than our Suffragette sisters from the past, we have a long way to go and a lot to lose.  

I paid my taxes on Sunday.  I am married, so I file "jointly as married."  My Husband is employed, so his part in the taxes is like 3 pieces of paper, whereas I am self-employed with a business so my taxes require about 1000 pieces of paper, a Book Keeper, a CPA, SCorp files, etc.  So, I deal with it all and he cheers me along.  But, when it comes down to actually paying the government, I CANNOT pay under my Social Security Number! I have to have him log in so I can pay - under HIS Social Security Number.  The first year I paid taxes online, I didn't know this. So, I paid the taxes under my own SS#.  I mean, both numbers are on our tax returns! About 2 months later, I got a bill in the mail saying our taxes were owed + penalties.  It took hours of phone calls to figure out that the money I had paid had never been applied, because it has to be submitted under his SS Number, not mine.   

Now, clearly this example does not NEARLY compare to large scale social oppression and violence, but it is a tiny nagging reminder that there is room for improvement in MANY areas (big and small) and we have to keep our eyes, and minds, open.  We also have to keep the social communication open, and voting is a structured form of communication.  And we NEED it! What would happen if people just stopped voting so we just stopped voting? What then? Voting is the system we have, so we have to use it. It may not be perfect, but the only way to make it better is to be actively involved in it. Having a gym membership, won't do anything if you don't go!

I know there are huge topics on the table and many political perspectives and I am not at all trying to tell anyone how to vote or who to vote for.  THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF VOTING - FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!

What I am saying is: it doesn't matter where you live, or who you are voting for - GET OUT AND VOTE! At the very least, meet a neighbor, say hello to someone, share a smile with a person in your community.  Say thank you to the people who are volunteering at the polls.  Show a young Girl, she belongs at the polls and INSPIRE her to want to vote when she grows up.  

Days like today are very important teaching moments. What are we telling our Girls? Are we saying, "Let's do this!" Let's use the power we have to help cultivate the system we are a part of!?  We are so accustomed these days to instant gratification, but cultivating society and government are not instant gratification systems - they are a slow drip that happen one vote at a time.  

I for one, and one for very excited to go out and vote today.  I hope to see you there 💌.

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