What about Baby? What are the best clean baby care products?

Last week's email about the "Clean Beauty Break Down" brought up a great question that I thought I would share with you! 

The Question:  Any tips on replacing the go-to “Aquaphor” for baby butts? I don’t feel too great about petroleum jelly before a diaper but it’s the “norm” so I’ve resorted to it as other barrier creams I’ve tried weren’t as effective.

The reason aquaphor works is because it's first ingredient is mineral oil, which essentially sets up a plastic barrier.  I know this is a tough situation, because NO Mama wants their itty-bitty to have a rash on their sensitive lil tushies!  So, what DO you do instead?  I don't have babies myself, but my siblings were born when I was 10 and 12 and my parents were self-employed and worked a LOT, so I have changed a LOT of diapers.  

If I had babies, I would use the Baby Bump Butter Balm on their little-baby-behinds and if a rash did creep up periodically I would treat it with Releaf Balm. I have had a lot of amazing feedback about the ReLeaf Balm and diaper rash - a teensy bit goes a long way and the good news it it is amazing for any skin situation, from healing a scrape/cut, to bug bites, sunburn, curling iron burns, rashes, eczema, etc.  Both of these products are super versatile and have so many uses. 

I would also bathe them (and wash their hair) with the Citron Dream Goat Milk & Honey Soap. Right before you pull them out of the bath, I would also add about a teaspoon of the Baby Bump Butter Balm to the bath water and let it melt into the water and into their skin (don't get it in their hair).  Then, lift them out and pat them dry.  

The Baby Bump Butter Balm is not just great for Baby Bumps and preventing stretchmarks - it is so good for caring for Baby!

While we are on the subject, I'd love to talk about Baby just a little bit more.  I am often asked about what to do when babies and children have Eczema.  

Infantile Eczema is really painful for children and also so painful for parents who can't bear to watch their children in pain.  Everything that I suggested above is also wonderful for helping children who suffer with eczema.  There is also our Unscented Body Cream with Magnesium + Allantoin that is richly nourishing and extremely healing.   

Children with eczema (or any skin conditions) have a very special place in my heart.  My cousin Seeger suffered tremendously as a child.  His entire body was covered with sores.  He had to be wrapped from head to toe before bed every night in ace bandages to keep him from scratching himself until he bled.  He had severe food allergies and he was uncomfortable all the time. My Aunt had a huge garden and grew a lot of the food he ate.  She purchased most everything else from Farmers Markets and even collaborated with a local bakery to make rice-bread, instead of wheat bread.  This was in 1982, way before "gluten-free" was a thing.  

I spent a lot of time with my cousins growing up and I watched all of this with hawk-like focus.  I remember we would drive into Chinatown in San Francisco (in an old Volkswagon Westafalia Van) and go into a Chinese Medicine shop where my Aunt would purchase a tiny jar of "jade cream" to put on Seeger's skin.  It was like $80. In 1982, that was like $250, and that was a LOT of money.  

That was also my first experience buying a special skin potion.  I remember buying a metal tin of Tiger Balm and being fascinated with the smell and the texture. 

One last product that is exceptional for healing and soothing skin is the Sea Salt Soak. Now, I know it sounds counter intuitive to put salt on a sore, but the Sea Salt Soak is literally like soaking in the ocean.  It has different sea salts from all over the world, epsom salt (which infuses much needed magnesium to the skin), kelp powder (which is super rich in nutrients the skin craves), MSM (which is an organic sulfur that the skin greatly needs for healing), a few other goodies, and the Slim Tonique Essential Oil blend that helps stimulate the movement of Lymphatic fluid - or essentially, promote detoxification.  

For those of you who do not know this, the reason I ever made my first product (now known as the Sugar Balm) is because my Husband, Josh, suffers from psoriasis.  I had a huge epiphany a few years ago when we were on a vacation in Mexico - on the Caribbean side.  After one week of soaking in the ocean, his psoriasis patches were gone. They had healed.  This was nothing short of a miracle.  When we came back, I made him the "ocean in a jar" or a "home ocean" and it is the Sea Salt Soak.  I strongly recommend adding this soak to regular self-care for anyone who suffers from eczema, psoriasis, or anything else related.

PS: I hope this was helpful! Please pass it along - many parents have these questions!  As always, if I can help with any product or skin care questions - I am always here to help! 

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