Which Clean Hair CARE Products are Best for ME?

Hey all! It is so exciting to have the Full Hair-CARE Collection by Mo Mi Beauty available on our website!  (If you missed the email from last week all about the new collection, check it out here!)  Last week, we talked mostly about the importance of Hair and Scalp CARE, so this week, I wanted to give you the run down on each product! 

I would like for you to think of this "Co-Wash" as the Creme Nouveau of hair care!  A little goes a long way and its benefits are wonderful.  It is called a "Co-Wash" - because it is a cream based cleanser for hair. We know this type of product as a "Shampoo" but it is definitely NOT your average shampoo - in fact, you've probably never tried anything like it!  It removes dirt and build-up without stripping natural oils.  It is richly hydrating, and deeply cleansing at the same time.  Even the most dry hair, won't need a conditioner at the roots of hair - only on the ends. 

The first time I used this Co-Wash, I did it ALL wrong.  Being used to using a GIANT hand-full of shampoo, I used WAY too much.  What I learned was that I only needed about 3 pumps, to really lather the top of my head, and about 1-2 pumps to wash the back, underside of my head, and the excess I just pull through to the ends.  I went from needing a giant handful of shampoo, followed by a giant handful of conditioner, to 5 tiny pumps of the Co-Wash, and only 2-3 pumps of the MO MI Conditioner worked into the ends.  I no longer even need conditioner on my scalp!  And, my hair stays clean enough to only wash it on Wednesdays and Sundays and my scalp doesn't even get itchy!

 Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_Conditioner

This is NOT your average Conditioner.  Just like with the "Co-Wash," this product is very unique and wonderful.  A teensy bit goes a long way and if you have washed your hair with the Co-Wash, this Conditioner is really just needed in the ends of the hair.  It is weightless and feels like it just disappears into the hair.  

Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_Leave In Conditioner

Just like with the Co-Wash, the first time I used this Conditioner, I did it all wrong! I prefer to wash my hair every 3 - 4 days, so my shampoo has to really "work" - so then I am so used to having to apply an entire handful of conditioner to my hair and scalp. So, the first time I used the Co-Wash and this Conditioner, I used SO much and worked it all into my hair and scalp.  I thought, OMG, I am going to go through these bottles in a week!  But, after one washing, I learned I only needed 2-3 pumps, and only on my ends.  This Conditioner really is a game changer in the Hair-CARE industry.  And, I LOVE the scent from neroli and sweet orange essential oils. 

I like my hair to be soft and tangle free.  "Styling" my hair is really not in my wheelhouse, and in all honesty, I probably remember to brush my hair about 4 times a week.  So, this Leave In Conditioner is really a value-add to my life.  Even on days where I run out of the house without brushing my hair, I can still run my hands through my hair, quickly throw it up a clip without wrestling with tangles, and not look like a "ragga-muffin" (like my Mom says hehehe).  I just add about a dime-sized pump to the last 4" of my hair after I wash it, and after it has air-dried for a while.  

Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_Dry Shampoo

Everyone needs a Dry Shampoo!  Even if it's not a product you use on the regular, it sure is great to have around for a little root-lift, or in between washings.  Using this Dry Shampoo definitely extends the time in between needing to wash your hair.  Green and rose clays combined with coconut powder instantly absorb excess oil, while corn starch provides instant thickness and volume for your hair. An emotive floral and gem-essence blend adds an integral mood-transforming element. 

Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_Hydrating Mist

My hair is STICK-STRAIGHT and super dry.  I like to add as much moisture to is as it can take, but I also don't want anything to weigh it down or make it look more flat than it already is.  I also don't like to wash my hair more than 2 - 3 times per week, so being about to spritz this Hydrating Mist into my dry hair in the morning, run a brush through it, and be out the door is a huge WIN for me.  This is also a wonderful night-time scalp treatment - just spritz it onto your scalp before bed.

Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_Texture Mist

My hair holds a curl for about 15 seconds and it has NO texture (except if you count the grays! LOL).  I won't try to tell you that using this Texture Mist, makes me have my coveted beachy-waves, but let me tell you - if my hair COULD have beachy-waves, I would be ALL over using this daily!  I LOVE the idea of scrunching up some messy, waves and I have major FOMO to all of you who's hair does this!  So, IF your hair CAN be beachy and wavy, or is naturally curly on it's own - this Texture Mist is awesome and smells soooo good!  I do use this in my scalp, because I love how Sea Salt Refreshes and Detoxes, but I do still long for beachy waves! I PS: my sister has ringlet curls - how crazy are genetics!   


The Full Collection


These products are available on our website under the SHOP > Hair Care by Mo Mi Beauty.

NOTES ON SCALP PSORIASIS:  If you, or anyone you know, suffers from psoriasis on the scalp, spritzing the scalp regularly, ideally daily, with the Hydrating Mist is extremely healing and calming without weighing down hair or adding oil.  The essential oil blend of lavender, chamomile, damask rose and neroli is calming, healing, and soothing.  Also, alternate with the Texture Mist with Sea Salt & Aloe for excellent scalp care.  Also, the Co-Wash is a must for sensitive scalps or those affected by psoriasis.

Beaute Nouveau_Clean Hair Care_The Collection by Momi Beauty

Ultimately, ANY one, can use ALL of the products, it really comes down to what WILL you use!  If you want to start by choosing one product, start with the Co-Wash

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