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A wedding day is unlike any other day and even though it is magical in everyone's imagination (and in retrospect) it is extremely stressful and one tiny thing can tip the scale to melt-down (like lotion getting on a wedding gown).  

Beaute Nouveau Founder, Lacey Haegen, has been a Makeup Artist for 25 years and has been involved in 100's of wedding days and has seen first hand the tiny things that can truly derail the flow! And, everyone wants to feel glamorous and their most beautiful that day, so she has put together her Bridal favorites in this collection.

First, when wearing a gown, Body Lotion is a NO go. Butter Balm is a MUST! Lotions and creams are sticky, lay on the skin, and can cause sweating; which is a disaster in a gown. Butter Balm is the perfect answer - apply it in the shower and be perfectly soft and prepped.  Lacey suggests the White Flowers & Sweet Cream scent - it is bridal perfection with notes of Tuberose, Gardenia, Bourbon Vanilla, Bergamot, and a hint of Coriander.

Second, PLEASE exfoliate your whole body with Citron Dream Shave Scrub before applying the Butter Balm.  Cleanse your skin and exfoliate at the same time, and once the sugar dissolves, shave.  The Citrus Essential Oils of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, and Tangerine, are bright and fresh, and also deep clean and breakdown dead skin.  Mixing Citrus with White Flowers is a dream.

Third, exfoliate your face, neck, and decollete (gently) with the Face Polish. ALSO, and we know this sounds crazy, but please exfoliate and double cleanse your armpits with the Face Polish.  Stress sweat has a much more pungent odor than regular sweat, and to give your deodorant a fighting chance - please prepare your armpits.  (oh, and do this everyday too). 

Most importantly, please use the 5 products that are in the Bridal Skin Care Set for at least 2 weeks before the wedding and on the morning of the big day.  If you want your makeup to look amazing - this is the way to do it! 

Some extra tips: Hand Balm + Shin & Arm Balm.  NEVER put cream or lotion or anything on your palms during a wedding day.  You NEVER know when you will be called on to straighten the train or help tuck a strap, etc. and if your hands are sticky and sweaty it can be a catastrophe. Also, NEVER put lotion or cream on the insides of your arms, because it will wipe onto the body of your dress.  Same goes for the back of your legs, all day long when you cross your legs, you'll be sweaty and slipping all over the place.  

The Hand Balm is like a giant lip balm and you rub it onto the TOPS of your hands, then you rub the tops of your hands together, so they are not dry and crepy, and you don't have greasy palms.  It is tiny and perfect for a clutch.  The Shin & Arm Balm is in a deodorant container.  You simply swipe, ONE wipe along your forearms and up along your skin. DON'T touch it. Leave it there, it will melt perfectly across your skin and leave a slight shimmer and tiny bit of citrus.  

Lastly, Brides rarely get to eat, go to the bathroom, or drink water.  And, the last thing they get to do...and the thing they most want to do... is put some lip gloss on.  Guests come at them all day and they have to smile and talk all day, while their lips are about to crack off and the photographer is busy taking candids. For the love of all things holy, have a soft pink lip gloss in your clutch and help the girl out with a Lip Gloss Break...just say "here girl, put this on." Then, hand her a champagne, give her a hug, and pose for the camera. "English Rose" from Lily Lolo is perfection. <3 

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