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Often times, when our customers have made the transition to "clean" (#plasticfree) skincare, they want to take it a step further by "cleaning up" their makeup.  But where to start?  

As a Makeup Artist, Lacey wanted to help her customers find the cleanest and best performing makeup to compliment their Beaute Nouveau Skin Care.  So, this page is devoted to her favorite brands who: 1. Meet her standards for ingredients; 2. Meet her standards for how they look and wear throughout the day, and 3. Meet her standards for easy to apply.

We do not make these products, but we carry a small selection of the basics and can ship them with your Skin Care order.  

For Foundation: Mineral Powder by Modern Minerals is a favorite. These minerals can be mixed with Creme Nouveau to create your own foundation (more powder + less cream = most coverage and less powder + more cream = less coverage). Or, tap the powder into your bamboo bowl, swirl your Mineral Powder Brush into the powder and stipple it directly onto your skin, pressing it into your Creme Nouveau.  Use the Nook & Cranny Brush for the sides of the nose, eyes, and chin.  The more you apply, the heavier the coverage. No matter how much you use, it will always look fresh and beautiful (Lacey is a full coverage lady herself).  Use a Bronzer Shade in the Modern Minerals Powder (whatever your shade is there is a Bronze version of it) and apply with our gorgeous Bronzer Fan Brush.

If you are looking for a little setting powder for even more matte coverage and a touch of brightening, top the mineral powder with the Sunrise Translucent Powder of your Shade of Mineral Powder for more coverage. 

The other products are pretty self explanatory. The Lily Lolo Mascara is a dream. The Lily Lolo Blushes are perfection: wear them all and get the perfect application with our Blush Brush.  The Lily Lolo Lip Glosses are perfect in texture and in color and are a no brainer.  The Brow Powders + Waxes are great for color and grooming - don't forget an eye brow brush (even if you have one, brow brushes loose their shape faster than any brush and they have to be replaced regularly).  And, even though you may think we are crazy when we say EVERYONE should have a Lily Lolo in "Bitten", believe it. It is magic; get one.  And at the end of the day, take it all off with the Cleansing Oil

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