Poetic Pillow

Satin Sleep Mask


We have been looking for some self-care related treasures to add to our offerings for quite awhile.  Anything we choose has to be top quality and ideally support a small business and entrepreneur.  We could NOT be more excited to share with you, the artistry and quality of Poetic Pillows Poly Satin Sleep Mask!  These Sleep Masks are absolutely gorgeous and soft as silk!  The floral patterns have been designed by David, owner of Poetic Pillow (and very lovely Human), and they are hand-sewn by himself and his team in Oakland, California!!!!  

Now, you might be thinking...only people in the movies sleep with those on! Well, let us propose another idea...these are not just for sleeping.  They are perfect for napping (yes, you are allowed to take a nap sometimes), meditating, and forcing yourself to take a break.  Also, if you just can't look at your husband or your children for one more minute (even thought we know you love them profoundly) simply put your sleep mask on and take a moment of peace.  I promise you, they will think you are crazy and leave you alone. Fabulous! And, the masks are so soft, you will hardly know it's on.

Machine Wash Cold on Gentle - Tumble Dry on Low - Warm Iron - Do NOT bleach

One size fits all.

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