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Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea in Hanami Collection


One thing that Lacey just can't live without is loose leaf green tea (in addition to Creme Nouveau of course) and starts every day with a cup of green tea.  When people say "I don't like tea," her first response is always, "have you tried loose leaf tea?" Loose leaf tea is an entirely different experience than a typical tea bag.  There is a very magical experience in letting the loose leaves steep slowly come to life as they perfume a cup of boiling hot water.  Similarly, starting your day with a cup of organic, green tea has endless health benefits.  However, using loose leaf tea is sort of like using Creme Nouveau...if you don't do it right, you won't love it.  

Even this this fast paced world, where everything has to be convenient, we can still include the ritual of a cup of real tea.  Tea Forte has made this ritual so realistic with their unique Single Steeps® packets that are perfectly pre-portioned for one cup of tea and their visually gorgeous and brilliantly designed Kati® Steeping Cups.  

Just pour the tea packet into the strainer that sits snuggly inside the Kati® Steeping Cup, pour the hot water to the top of the mug, set the lid on top, and steep for 1-3 minutes (depending on how strong you like your tea).  Pour the tea into your favorite mug and enjoy.  You can also steep the tea leaves twice.


The Hanami Tea Blend is Certified Organic Green Tea with Cherry Blossoms and Tarte Cherry Fruit.  Looking for Hanami Tea for on-the-go?  Try the Petite Presentation Set.  

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