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2355 India Street
San Diego, CA, 92101
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 BEAUTE NOUVEAU means "new beauty" 

Beaute Nouveau combines elements of luxury, elegance, and imagination with thoughtful craftsmanship, consciousness, and the increasing power of Femininity.  We recognize the modern Woman as increasingly visible and powerful; both shouldering and shattering expectations.  She deserves style and products appropriate for her time. 

We want to create change, new concepts, and new products that allow our modern Women to take care of themselves quickly, yet decadently.  We want to help simplify routines, while increasing luxury and abundance. We want to celebrate the beauty of natural, botanical ingredients, and hand-craft our recipes like our Great-Grandmothers used to.  We want to avoid synthetic, unpronounceable, toxic, ingredients at all cost.   


Most all mainstream skin care companies categorize “skin care” based on “skin-type.”  At Beaute Nouveau, we look at skin care in terms of “cell-care”.  Skin is made up of billions of living Cells that can live for between 19-34 days.  In order for Cells to live a long healthy, vibrant life, they need exactly what the rest of your body needs…clean nutrition, water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, rest, and love.   

Newborn baby Skin Cells look like a fresh bunch of helium balloons:  they are firm, plump, energized, and tightly stick together in an orderly bunch.  As Skin Cells age, they begin to look like the balloons a few days later: deflated, withered, and scattered on the floor.   

At Beaute Nouveau, we create our products so that your Skin Cells may live the fullest life possible; stay firm, plump, energized, and tightly stuck together, for as long as they are alive.  Our products provide clean nutrition, hydration, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lipids, essential fatty acids, proteins, rest, and love.  That is our concept of “anti-aging.”   

We do not have skin-type specific products.  Any human with skin, can use Beaute Nouveau.  As consumers, we do not purchase products based on our heart type, liver type, stomach type, lung type, etc.  Why is it different for skin?   

It is true that skin can behave a certain way, but this is because of lack of nutrition, imbalanced hormones, dehydration, toxicity, distress, auto-immune malfunction, lack of sleepetc.  

But, skin can heal from any of these deficiencies and therefore it should not be classified as a type.  It is an organ.  We see skin as “health-prone.”  Its biological map points to health, not disease.  It is outside factors that make it sick, it is not inherently sick.   

We are tired of marketing phrases, like “acne-prone,” that categorize skin-types and direct buyers towards products designed to fight acne and ignore skin as a living organ.     

Because we look at skin as a living organ, our goal is to create products that energize and protect those little skin cells, give them the nutritional power they need to stay healthy, and heal from any issues it may be facing.