Clean skincare. Born beautiful.

 Beauté Nouveau began with a belief that women should feel beautiful at every stage of life. 

Our inspiration.

Created by a beauty industry pro fed up with the crazy chemicals in our routines, we’re a next generation skincare company cleaning up your routine, one product at a time. From ditching harmful ingredients, to naturally enhancing that youthful glow, we’re here to help you get out of the cosmetics aisle for good.


What clean means to us.

Clean means something different to everyone. But to us, it means ditching petrochemicals and their derivatives. Instead, we use truly natural ingredients that come from Mother Earth.

What's in it. 

What's not.

Your beauty ally. 

Take on the day with Beauté Nouveau in your corner. No labels to scrutinize.

Just excellent skin care, designed with your modern life in mind.

Your perfect products.

Our best recommendations for you, in just a few clicks.

Meet the Founder

Lacey Haegen

After 15 years working for big-box "luxury" beauty brands, Beauté Nouveau founder Lacey Haegen was ready to make a change. And not just for herself, she wanted to change the industry.
She had been selling the world’s “best” beauty products with glossy branding and trendy botanical buzzwords, but buried beneath the marketing were ingredient lists packed with petroleum and other sketchy stuff that was making her and her family sick.
From the first batch of Sugar Balm she made in her kitchen, Lacey was on a path to clean up her beauty regimen and help women everywhere do the same.