My Why. 

Hello, I’m Lacey.

I’ve held your face in my hands. I’ve stood inside your personal space. I’ve listened to you’ve shared your world with me. Well, maybe not your particular face, but as a Makeup Artist, I’ve held the faces of thousands of women as they sat in my chair and shared about themselves.    

At a certain point, I noticed that no woman had ever sat in my chair, looked me in the eyes, and told me what they loved about themselves, or how they mattered. There was always a question in their eyes, as if asking: am I pretty enough? Am I good enough? The question my clients always asked me was: How can I “fix”...fill in the blank. 

My heart aches every time I hear this question. Why do we think we need to “fix” ourselves?

My vision is that one day, we won’t feel like we have to ask this question anymore. I hope that we just know how wonderful and valuable we are. I hope we are so busy celebrating our accomplishments and feeling great about ourselves that it never crosses our minds to seek out ways to “fix” ourselves.

My mission is to shift the question of “are we enough” to the conversation that we are “MORE THAN ENOUGH.” It’s time to drop the old story that our “beauty” equals any part of our value.

All of our products are made to simply take care of you - while you go out and be YOU. Period. Not to change you, or fix you, or make you more beautiful. We just want to help you prepare yourself each morning as you go out and reach towards your dreams, and help you repair yourself each evening from the work you did during the day. 

Every day we work hard to get bigger and stronger so we can support as many women as possible and reach our collective greatness. Thank you for joining us!



Lacey Haegen - Founder of Beaute Nouveau