LET’S GET REAL, we are not going to be younger tomorrow than we are today, so at Beaute Nouveau we feel like the concept of “anti-aging” is a bit of an oxymoron.

We prefer our concept of PRESERVE-AGING™.

What we mean by this is, preserve what we have, as best as we can, and give our skin what it needs, to minimize how hard it has to work to function and stay alive. The less skin has to work, the more it can relax, rest, and recover. If we want our skin to look its best and live a long, healthy, happy life, we have to nourish it and let it rest.

It is impossible to keep skin from aging, but we can help keep it strong with
nutrient rich plant-based products, water, rest, and gentle care, or we can weaken it with lack of nutrition, dehydration, chemical rich products, aggressive treatments, and lack of rest.

Skin is made up of billions of living Cells that can live between 19-34 days. In order for Cells to live a long healthy, vibrant life, they need exactly what the rest of your body needs…clean nutrition, water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, rest, and love. Imagine the difference in your overall well-being when you are being over worked, eating poorly, and not sleeping vs. rested, eating well, and focused on wellness. The difference is visible in both you, and your skin.

We love analogies, so imagine a bunch of fresh helium balloons at a party. They are all tight, bright, plump, and energetically stick together. Then, fast forward a few days, when the balloons are all deflated, withered, and spread out in a mess on the floor. Newborn baby skin cells look like a fresh bunch of helium balloons: they are tight, plump, energized, and tightly stick together in a neat bunch. As skin cells age, they begin to look like the balloons a few days later: deflated, withered, and scattered. We prefer that skin cells stay like the fresh balloons!

Beaute Nouveau products are full of the nutrition necessary to keep your skin cells looking and functioning like fresh helium balloons - firm, plump, energized, and tightly stuck together, for as long as they are able - hopefully the 34 day life span. PRESERVE-AGING™ is as close to “anti-aging” as we see possible.