“Skin Care” is such a loose term, and most commonly just refers to skin-care “products”. But, if we really think about it, are products really taking care of our Skin? Is our Skin healthier when we use products? How do we know?

Often, we choose products based on “skin type” - dry, combination, oily, mature, acneic, sensitive, etc. When try to target specific types of “conditions” the Skin may be experiencing, we ignore the Skin as a whole organ.

Skin wants to be healthy, not sick, but its conditional responses can fluctuate due to many factors such as nutrition, hydration, circulation, toxicity, and biological resources. ALL Skin is sensitive and can become congested, overworked, dehydrated in some areas, and oily and built-up in others. All Skin will mature, sometimes on pace with chronological age, and sometimes prematurely.

The further truth is that most skin -care and makeup products sold in the US market today are full of chemicals and petroleum derivatives (plastics) that bioaccumulate and can severely compromise the health of our Skin and our bodies. Many of those chemicals are clogging our pores, cells, tissues, fluids, and systems and can prohibit our bodies from functioning at their intended capacity and best health.

When we buy “skin-care” and makeup, we as consumers are usually so focused on how it feels, smells, what it will make us “look like”, how long it will last, the status of the brand, the cost, if it will “work” (work, how?) - that we completely ignore what it could be doing to our overall Skin and body health.

So what do we do now? First we try to minimize the chemicals.Then, we start shifting our focus from Skin Care to Lymph Care.  

We believe that Lymph Care is the Future of Skin Care. 

You know when you get a blister? Well, Lymph Fluid is what is inside a blister. Lymph Fluid is our body’s way of flushing excess fluid, waste, and toxins from our body. Lymph Fluid is also an important part of our body’s Immune System because this fluid is where infection-fighting White Blood Cells are produced and transported to vital organs within our Lymphatic System.

Our Lymphatic System is an intricate network of vessels that parallels our blood vessels. But, unlike our Circulatory System of blood vessels, which is kept moving by the pumping of our Heart, the Lymphatic System does not have a pump and has to be externally stimulated to keep the Lymph Fluid moving.

Stagnant Lymph Fluid can be toxic to our overall health and immune system, and it is what dulls a complexion, casts a gray tone, contributes to cellulite, toxicity, and potentially, illness. Circulating Lymphatic fluid is not only an essential part of health, but contributes to bright, vibrant, skin.  Increased circulation can also reduce cellulite and fluid retention.

Drinking enough water (especially with lemon), exercise (especially jumping), dry-brushing, exfoliating, and regular massage are ways to stimulate the Lymphatic System. Adding Slim Tonique products to your regular self care practices can also help stimulate circulation.

Slim Tonique® refers to our Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils that are known to circulate Lymph Fluid.

Slim Tonique® products work together to help get your Lymphatic System moving.