Beauty Industry words like clean, green, non-toxic, and natural are pretty vague and not universally defined. So, what does "clean" mean to us?

At Beaute Nouveau, “clean” means: NO PETROCHEMICALS, NO PLASTIC.

WE DO NOT USE: any petrochemicals or derivates of them.  These types of ingredients are most commonly known as: Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Petrolatum, Silicone, Dimethicone, Acrylates, Polymers, CoPolymers, Sodium Benzoate, and other distillates of Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, and Benzene.  We also do not use any Parabens, Phthalates, Dyes, Colorants, Sulfates, Sulfites, Surfactants, or Detergents.

The sad truth is that most skin care and makeup products are full of petroleum derivatives, which is really just a fancy name for plastic. That's right, plastic.  Most (if not all) mainstream, and many "natural" products are made from the same Petrochemicals that are used to make plastics.  For instance, Acrylates are a popular cosmetic ingredient in moisturizers and foundation.  Acrylates, aka Acrylic is also what is used in acrylic nails, and acrylic household items.  Similarly, Silicon is a popular cosmetic ingredient that is also the main ingredient in shower caulking.  Vinyl Acetate is found in most mascaras and many long-wearing makeups and is the same ingredients used to make records and vinyl labels.  

Many companies claim that they do not use petroleum in their products, but that is often a sneaky half-truth.  If a company uses Propylene Glycol (which if you search your favorite product's ingredients right now, you would find they all would have propylene glycol) they use a petro-chemical derived from Petroleum.  This ingredient is in everything from baby toothpaste to bath salts.  Propylene Glycol comes from Propylene, which comes from Petroleum, which comes from Crude Oil. Yep, that's right...Crude Oil.  Crude Oil is considered "natural" because it comes from the Earth.

Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, and Benzene are all industrial petro-chemicals that are the bi-product of fractioning Crude Oil into gasoline.  These 4 petro-chemicals are used in the production of plastic products and synthetic rubber and are distilled and synthesized into 1000's of other ingredients that are then used as ingredients in cosmetic products. Which means, THEY ARE THE MAIN FOUR PARENT INGREDIENTS IN ALMOST EVERY COSMETIC INGREDIENT ON THE MAINSTREAM MARKET. 


***We also do not use any of the 1328 ingredients banned in cosmetics in Europe (for the full list of all ingredients banned in Europe click here and scroll to Annex 2 about half way through the document). 


On the flip side, when we say we are “clean” we mean that WE ONLY USE Botanical ingredients.  Botanical ingredients are ingredients that are naturally occurring in nature. They are of biological origin and our biology (or bodies) can digest them and metabolize them into energy.  Think of eating an apple.  An apple is a botanical ingredient that has vitamins, water, fiber, etc. and the body recognizes it and converts it into fuel.  Now, imagine eating a wax apple.  There is nothing good for the body in a wax apple and if you ate it, your body would become sick.  A wax apple is not a botanical ingredient.  Most cosmetic ingredients are derived from petro-chemicals are are the equivalent of a wax apple. 

Our botanical ingredients can all be converted to energy by our bodies.  Our recipes only include oils and butters that come from nuts, seeds, kernels, and fruits.  Essential oils that come from leaves, flowers, fruits, and tree resins. Powders that come from leaves, flowers, fruits, milks, grains, and roots. Bees wax and Honey that we source from a local San Diego family of Beekeepers and Honey producers. Flower Waters or Hydrosols that come from an organic family farm in Washington.  Salts, Clays, and liquid Minerals that come from the earth and oceans. For a complete list of our ingredients click here, we also list what product each ingredient is used in.

We are transparent with our ingredients, and also provide a definition for each of our ingredients in the main menu under “ingredients.” Our products are not vegan because we do use beeswax, honey, and goat milk in some of our products, but all of our sources are ethical and we do not use animal fats such as lanolin or other animal bi-products, and none of our finished products or raw ingredients are ever tested on animals.


Note: the makeup and hair care products that we carry from other brands are also held to the same standards.