Lily Lolo

Eye Brow Brush + Spoolie Groomer


This brush is the absolute perfect brush for applying the Lily Lolo Brown Powder + Wax. This brush is double sided with one side having a "spoolie" or grooming side (looks like a mascara wand) for grooming and exfoliating the brows.  This is such an important first step because SO much dead skin builds up in the brows.  The other side of the brush is perfectly angled, tightly bound bristles for precision powder application.  Once the color is applied, use the same side for a gentle wax application to add a little gloss and hold to the hair. 


Please replace your brow brush yearly. Brows are supposed to be precise and detailed and the more fresh a brush is the more shape it has.  Once the bristles start to fray, the brows begin to look sloppy.

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