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Sisal Body Brush

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Dry Brushes have become very en vouge lately, but they have been used for centuries to exfoliate dead skin and improve lymphatic circulation and oxygenation in the skin and help the body's natural detoxification process. 

Even though these brushes are called "dry" - they can be used dry or wet.  Please replace your brush at least within every 3 months for wet brushing and 6 months for dry brushing.

They are made of natural sisal fibers.  

Directions for Dry Brushing: 

You dry brush before stepping into the shower.  You will want to start from your hands and your feet and move in and up - towards the center of your body.  The whole idea is to move the fluid from the outside towards the inside.  Brush in short sweeping strokes (like if you were sweeping a floor).  Take care to be gentle, especially in delicate areas like the decollate and mid-section.  Dry brushing can feel very scratchy the first few times you try it.  Eventually, your skin will get used to it and it will begin to adjust to the treatment.  You can dry brush as often as you want. However, optimal results will happen from regular use.  Shower after dry brushing.  

Directions for Wet Brushing: 

The technique for wet brushing is similar to when dry brushing - short, sweeping strokes from the outside, in.  The difference is you can apply soap to the brush and use the brush wet, on wet skin.  It can be a little less scratchy feeling to start out wet brushing when you are new to body brushing as a practice.  Make sure to rinse your brush and hang it to dry after use.  Wet brushing will also wear your brush out faster.

    sisal body brush
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