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"Skunk" Brush

"Skunk" Brush

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This brush can be used for alll kinds of things. First, it is called a "skunk" brush because it looks like a skunk! There are 2 types of bristles in the same brush.  The white bristles are synthetic and super soft, and the black bristles are natural hair and a little more coarse.  

Each bristle type serves a purpose.  The white hairs are great for a cream based product or a shimmer because they don't pick up too much product.  Then the black hairs are  great for buffing and blending whatever product you lightly apply with the white hairs.

This brush is great for lightly applying a cream foundation all over, and then blending it into the skin by applying a little more pressure to the brush to use the black hairs.

This brush is also really great for lightly, "whisping" highlight, shimmer powder or bronzer.  

It is also a great compliment for further buffing Mineral Foundation Powder after using the Mineral Foundation Brush.

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