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Beaute Nouveau's face collection in a bowl surrounded by warm toned flowers and petals.

Picking your perfect facial products? first pick your "skin type"!

Blossoming Skin (25ish years old)

We are growing and “blossoming” until we reach about the age of 25. During this glorious time in our life cycle, our skin is bouncy and plump and generally has everything it needs. It is full of energy! It is pretty self-sufficient for the most part. The best thing to do for Blossoming skin is to let it be and protect it from “oxidation.” It needs gentle, basic nourishment, light textures, and trusted floral anti-oxidants. Think of a rose bud, that is just opening up.

Products for Blossoming Skin

Blooming Skin (25ish to 45ish years old)

 Once we hit about 25, our young little blossom, is “blooming.” And, what a beautiful show it is!In this stage, our Skin needs a little bit more protection, and we have to be more delicate with it. It is also doesn’t need all of the juicy energy it took to blossom, so it doesn’t make as many on its own. We need to add some nutrients to fuel energy production.

Products for Blooming skin

In Full Bloom Skin (45+ years old)

There is nothing more beautiful than a rose bush that is in full bloom! It is show-stopping! In this stage, the name of the game is nutrition, protection, and a gentle touch. It’s also the time to really appreciate the grandness of the bloom and appreciate all of the beauty our Skin has shown us. Our Skin will no longer weather a spring storm without losing petals, or bake in the sun without damage, or bounce back from an aggressive peel. Also, hormones have changed. We suggest gentle cleansing, daily gentle exfoliation, and lots and lots of moisture. 

Looking for "anti-aging" products?  We prefer the term "Preserv-aging" - read more about it here.

Products for Skin In Full Bloom
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 I took a leap of faith a year ago and purchased the Beaute Nouveau Facial Starter Set, as I was needing to switch to cleaner beauty products. I can say with 100% certainty that it was the best thing I could have done! My skin has transformed over the past year for the better - from rough and dry to smooth, soft and balanced I have recommended Beaute Nouveau to many friends and those that took the leap all say they same - they love everything Beaute Nouveau.  


Your product has been a GOD SEND!!! I lather Creme Nouveau morning and night and can't get enough! Also the Hylauronic Exlixir is so beautiful and smooth. I am 100% reordering!


Beaute Nouveau is amazing!! I have battled with cystic acne the majority of my adult life. I’ve tried everything. After just 4 months, I’ve literally had zero breakouts. My skin is amazing, my dry patches are gone, my acne is gone and feel so happy when I look at my skin! I’m happily a Beaute Nouveau custumer for life. I couldn’t imagine using anything else!! Plus, a woman owned business ran by a woman who is for other women...simply the best!


introducting The New paris sunset collection

  • Paris Sunset Butter Balm
    Paris Sunset Butter Balm
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    Paris Sunset Sugar Balm
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    Paris Sunset Body Cream
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  • Paris Sunset Roll On Fragrance
    This image shows our Roll On Fragrance Oil.  It is an upclose view of the bottle on a white background.  The bottle is clear glass with a white cap.  There is a label with water colors beneath botanical floral drawings.  The label says Beaute Nouveau Botanical Beauty Roll On  Perfume the the scent and net weight of 10 ml 10g
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Meet the Founder - Lacey Haegen

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