Our Purpose

Joy + living our best lives

Everything we do, we do because it brings us joy and we hope it brings joy to you too.

Everything we make, we make it to be the highest quality, with the cleanest ingredients, and add the most value to your life.

Minimal Steps

Maximized Mornings

Your days are full, your time is precious.  We help you maximize your time with minimal steps and smart self-care routines that fit into your everyday reality (and make you feel fab-u-lous!)

what does it mean....

to be "clean"

You expect "clean", non-toxic products - but what does that really mean? We respect your intelligence and integrity with a clear definition of what “clean” means.  NO: petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, dimethicone, acrylates, polymers, parabens, sulfates, surfactants, phthalates, dyes, colorants, detergents, sodium benzoate...or any other unpronounceable chemicals.

Our Definition

Women Owned, Women Created

because, women

YOU know you have special powers and are tremendously valuable as a Woman. WE know that too because we are Women!  We are committed to creating space and operating in ways that support the care of modern Women.  We are a team of hard-working Women who truly care about you, and all of us.