STEP 1: Login

STEP 2: Click the Rewards Icon at the bottom right of the page.

 STEP 3: Look to see what rewards you have available. Click Redeem to activate your reward!

STEP 4: A coupon code will be generated to represent the reward.  Just click "apply code."
click apply code
STEP 5: Fill up your Cart!  When you go to checkout, the code will have automatically be applied to your order.  
code is automatically applied to your order
We are always happy to help! If something happens and your points are not applied, never fear! We will make sure they get added back to your account.  If the system is just not working, and you just want to get your order finished, go ahead and just place it! Let us know that you weren't able to use your reward and we will credit the transaction.  We will always make anything right. 
Just email us at or text us at 619-816-4148 or contact us directly here.