If You Were Thirsty...Would You Drink OIL?

If You Were Thirsty...Would You Drink OIL?

Lacey Haegen

No way! You would drink water, right?!

Its common to think that moisturizers hydrate our skin...but they don't!

Moisturizers are supposed to nourish or feed the skin. Only using a moisturizer is like only eating food, and not drinking water. Can you imagine how dehydrated your body would be if its only water source was from the food you ate?

So, how do we hydrate our skin? Enter our Facial Mists!
Just like drinking water is vital for our health, using one of our Hydrating Facial Mists before moisturizing is vital for your skin!
 (especially during hot summer months)

Our Facial Mists are so much more than just hydration! They originally start out as regular ol' mountain spring water in Washington state.  Then two farmers named Anne & Jud (who grow and source all kinds of amazing organic plants), use that water to make essential oils from their crops.  To make the essential oils, they use the water to steam distill the plant materials and they recapture the water after it has been run through the plants. The recaptured water then contains many of the essences of the plants...making it a diluted water version of the essential oil.

When Anne & Jud have finished their distillation process, they send the water down to us in San Diego and we bottle it up and add a blend of 72 liquid vitamins and minerals that come from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

When you spritz your clean skin with our Hydrating Mists before moisturizing, your skin gets a fresh drink of water hydration, the benefit of the plant essences, plus 72 liquid vitamins and minerals.

Our Multi-Vitamin Hydrating Facial Mists are available in 3 options:

*ANYONE can use ANY of these Mists and we love to alternate for variety.  We also LOVE Cucumber or Lavender Peppermint for hotter days!

  1. Cleanse skin.
  2. Hold the Mist 6 to 8 inches from face.
  3. Close your eyes. 
  4. Quickly spritz face and neck 6 to 7 times while moving the Mist in a circle around your face.  
  5. Apply moisturizer (we suggest Creme Nouveau) onto skin as soon as you finish with the Mist to "trap" the hydration into skin.
  6. Use AM & PM and as a mid-day refreshing spray.

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