Nourish Butter Balm...Great for Baby Bumps!👶

Nourish Butter Balm...Great for Baby Bumps!👶

Lacey Haegen

Did you know our Nourish Butter Balm is the upgraded version of our Baby Bump Butter Balm?

We upgraded our beloved 'Baby Bump' by adding more Cocoa Butter, unfiltered Apricot Oil, and Rice Bran Oil to make it even more rich and nourishing (hence, the name Nourish)!

We also added a 'lil' Sandalwood, Rose, Sweet Orange fragrance oil and grouped it into the new Nourish collection of products (it was so lonely before!)

Nourish Butter Balm is still excellent for caring for a 'baby bump' and is also wonderful for anyone who loves a Butter Balm!

And as always, it makes a wonderful baby shower gift! 🎁

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