Scrub Buds Please!

Scrub Buds Please!

Lacey Haegen


What is the best way to exfoliate?

Gently, and AFTER moisturizing!

Wait...AFTER moisturizing? YES!

We believe that exfoliating after moisturizing is ideal for two reasons. First, dead skin is like a dry scab 🤢. We all know what happens when you pick a scab; it doesn't come off evenly and can expose vulnerable skin that isn't ready for the world. Trying to scrub off dried out dead skin can have the same result.  It is best to prepare dead skin for removal, by rehydrating and softening it. Applying Creme Nouveau or Creme Calm, both rich in saturated fats from Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, and Babassu Oil, will rehydrate, soften, and "unstick" dead skin cells, and allow for a gentle separation from the young, living skin cells.  Think of this like soaking a pan: when you soak it overnight, the mess just lifts off, no need for intense scrubbing.  When dead skin is easily lifted off, there is less chance of damaging the fresh skin underneath.

Second, dead skin cells act as a barrier between living skin cells and the world.  As soon as those dead skin cells are exfoliated, the living skin cells are touched by the environment...and the oxidation process begins.  Just like an apple begins to oxidize and brown as soon as it is cut open.  However, if the living cells are swaddled in Creme Nouveau or Creme Calm, they already have a layer of protection and antioxidants in between them and the environment. 




These 'lil' Buds are small but mighty and will change how you exfoliate.

They are 100% spun silk and are the perfect tool for gentle, even exfoliation.  These are a form of physical exfoliation (meaning skin cells are lifted off vs. dissolved) where the silk fibers lift off the dead skin. Silk also contains proteins and amino acids that make skin look bright and radiant. Scrub Buds are even ideal for very sensitive skin and everyone can use them!

Scrub Buds can be used on even the most delicate areas - the eye area, the lips, in the eyebrows, and even the ears!  (yes, exfoliate your ears! 🤯😉)

Regular use of Scrub Buds will result in smoother texture, less blackheads, less pore congestion, less acne, and often even wearing less makeup.

FUN FACT: If you find that your moisturizer is not absorbing into your skin...or it 'sits on top of your skin' - that means there is dead skin buildup. Using Scrub Buds 1-2 x per week will make a tremendous difference in the texture of your skin, but also in how your treatment products can absorb, as well as and how your makeup looks and wears throughout the day. 


  1. Apply Creme Nouveau or Creme Calm to cleansed skin.

  2. Soak two Scrub Buds in a small bowl with warm to hot water for 5 minutes.

  3. Put one Scrub Bud on the tip of your right pointer finger.

  4. Using circular motions, gently massage the Scrub Bud all over the right side of your face, eye area, eyebrows, lips, and neck, and at the every end, your ear!  

  5. NOTE: twist the Scrub Bud on your finger periodically for fresh space.

  6. Repeat steps 3-4 for the left side of your face.

  7. Discard Scrub Buds when finished; they are not reusable.

  8. Scrub Buds can be used 1-2 times per week.

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